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The inaugural World Mountain and Trail Running Championships were not an AURA listed event, however AURA was heavily involved in the decision making process of who was to represent the Aussie team heading over to Chiang Mai, Thailand for the event that ran from 3-6 November.

We had a few AURA members participate, including Matthew Crehan (80km), Joshua Chugg (80km), Thomas Dade (80km), Sarah Ludowici (80km), Louise Clifton (80km), Jessica Schluter (80km), Nicholas Muxlow (40km) and Amy Daniel (40km).

Congratulations to each and every one of you, we hope you enjoyed your time over in Thailand!

Click through here for a full report from Athletics Australia as well as full results.


The inaugural Janssen Bondi to Manly Ultra kicked off on 5 November, allowing runners to traverse the coastline between Sydney’s two most famous beaches on an 80km journey.

398 runners crossed the finish line in the solo event, a fantastic number for a first-time event!

Podium finishers for the Men’s 80km were Martin Jansen (6:41:25), Ben Harris (7:03:11) and Chris Turnbull (7:08:49) whilst for the Women’s 80km were Emma Grey (7:40:45), Sophie Brown (7:43:45) and Kate Cush (8:11:02).

Congratulations to all AURA members who ran in the 80km ultra distance, including Gary Mullins (7:46:40), Mark Firth (8:40:17), Simone Hayes (8:41:09), Andrew Layson (8:47:01), Adam Darwin (10:07:39), Sophie Lane(10:13:05), Shane Simpson (10:37:04), Jenny McAuley (10:42:13), Vice Hazdovac (10:42:43), Jody Daff (11:16:32), Shane Kelly (11:31:06), Sarah-Jane Hipwell (11:41:34), Tony Williams (11:48:34), Zed Zlotnick (12:38:15), Leah Weeden (12:55:04), Renae Brock (13:25:51), Lyndal Maloney (13:47:25) and Kirsten Maplestone (14:06:31).

AURA’s Simone Hayes (left) with a group of some of her athletes at the Janssen Bondi to Manly Ultra.

For the full list of results, including relay results, click here.


It’s always a big day at the office when the Feral Pig Ultra is on! This year, it was held across the weekend of 5-6 November in and around Kalamunda, WA and offered the Feral Pig 100mi, Wild Swine 100km, Boar 50mi, Sow 50km, Pork Chop 23km and the Piglet 5km.

Kicking off with the big guns in the Feral Pig 100mi (which had 25 finishers: 4 women, 21 men), the Men’s 100mi saw AURA’s Michael Hooker from East Perth take on the win with an incredible time of 18:42:09! Nick Trebilcock took 2ndwith 21:25:11 whilst AURA’s very own Tim Pullin from East Perth scored himself a 3rd Male place after finishing in 24:47:27.  

MEN’s 100mi: Nick Trebilcock (2nd), race director Shaun Kaesler and Michael Hooker (1st)

MEN’s 100mi: Tim Pullin (3rd)

In the Women’s 100mi, Julie Gibson took 1st Female with 27:08:26 and 2nd went to AURA’s Kate Jenour from Donnybrook who crossed the finish line in 29:29:40. Third Female was won by AURA member Nicola Walters from Broome, who completed her race in 31:37:19.

WOMEN’s 100mi: Kate Jenour (2nd) and Nicola Walters (3rd)

Well done all around to every one of our AURA members who ran in the 100mi, including David Murphy (29:42:42), Doug Bartlett (30:20:41), Andy Thompson (30:40:07), Tristan Cameron (32:19:23) and Kevin Matthews (32:19:24).

Onto the Wild Swine 100km where there were 23 finishers: 6 women, 17 men!

In the Men’s 100km, AURA member Shane Johnstone from Caversham took out the win with a fantastic finish time of 11:44:12. Soon to follow were Shane Young (14:01:58) and Ethan Stirrat (14:02:22). In the Women’s 100km, top spots went to Martina Tairea (15:22:17), Lara Louw (19:08:37) and Del Thompson (20:39:54).

Congratulations to all AURA members who ran in the 100km, including Ian North who finished his race in 15:24:33!

The Boar 50mi saw a total of 27 finishers: 10 women, 17 men.

The Men’s 50mi event concluded with a top podium finish to AURA member Mitchell Crook from Jandakot who finished the distance in a whopping 9:07:32. Second Male went to Liam Lilly (10:40:41) whilst 3rd was won by AURA’s Yevhen Kovalyshen from Beeliar in 10:41:37.

The Women’s 50mi was won by AURA’s very own Claire O’Brien-Smith from Swanbourne who ran over the finish line in 9:41:14. Jac Crofton took 2nd with 11:38:42 and Sophie Giles took 3rd (11:53:43).

A big well done to all our AURA members in the 50mi, including Kelli O’Neill (19:48:38), Andrew Jackson (11:58:06) and Glen Smetherham (19:48:39).

The last of the ultra distances was the Sow 50km, seeing 85 finishers: 30 women, 55 men.

In the Men’s 50km, podium spots were won by Ally Willcox (5:06:54), Mitch Clarke (5:27:05) and Peter Hulcup (5:34:03). In the Women’s 50km, it was Crystal Lyons (6:29:55), Christie Godfrey (6:55:28) and Phoebe Hurliman (7:04:06).

Congratulations to all of our AURA members who ran and finished in the 50km, including Zoe Rutherford (9:18:54), Louise Wallace (10:40:18) and John Herzfeld (9:04:34).

For the full list of results, including those for the Pork Chop 23km and Piglet 5km, click here.


The White Rock Trail Festival hosted by AAA Racing was the latest and newest addition to the AURA calendar list of events, and it was held on Sunday, 6 November in Redbank Plains, Qld with offerings of a Marathon, Half Marathon, 13.5km and an 8km.

Twenty-three runners completed the marathon distance, which saw AURA’s Kevin Muller from Wodonga, Vic take the crowning glory of 1st Male after he crossed the finish line in 4:33:29. Trygve Nyborg was 2nd Male (4:56:29) and David Haliczer was 3rd (5:22:47). In the women’s event, Lucinda Burton took 1st (5:29:20), Yana McBride took 2nd (6:19:41) whilst AURA member Kris Ryan from Pacific Pines, Qld claimed 3rd Female with a great time of 6:45:48.

A big congratulations also to AURA’s Stephen Lewis who finished his marathon in a time of 7:22:44.

For the full list of results, including the half marathon, 13.5km and 8km, click here.


Two events will both claim the weekend of 11-13 November with the Great Southern Endurance Run in Vic and the Hysterical Carnage Backyard Ultra in SA.

Mid-November sees the Super Trail Mitchell River in Vic from 18-20 November, LOSER (Last One Standing Endurance Race) in Vic from 18-20 November and the Stromlo Running Festival in the ACT from 19-20 November. Rounding off the month is the Blue Goat Backyard in NSW from 26-27 November, the well-known and highly anticipated Coast to Kosci in NSW from 2-4 December, Bruny Island 64k Ultra in Tas on 3 December, GoodRunnings 6/12 in SA from 3-4 December, and the Fisiocrem GC50 in Qld on 4 December which will double as the Australian 50km Championships.

With that said, the rest of December will be here before we know it – the Narrabeen All Nighter from 10-11 December in NSW and the 6 Inch Trail Marathon in WA on 18 December.

Pictured: AURA member Kris Ryan (left) with two other runners in the 2022 White Rock Trail Fest hosted by AAA Racing. Photograph – Reece Eberhard.