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OMFG Trail Running Festival

What an incredible way to kick off the year for the 2022 ultra running season on the AURA listed calendar of events! The OMFG Trail Running Festival kicked off bright and early on Saturday, 8 January offering participants a number of distances to choose from including a 6km, 10km, 16km and 25km*.

Held along the Eagle View and Heritage Trails in John Forrest National Park, WA one of the highlights of the festival is running through the Swan View Railway Tunnel, which was originally opened in 1896. Remaining a train tunnel until 1966, it’s now one of the finest preserved trail running tunnels in the state.

In the women’s 25km, podium finishes went to Rachel Nathan who took 1st Female in 2:32:21 and AURA member Jessica Smith from Perth who secured 2nd Female in a speedy 2:41:51. Amy Ross took 3rd Female in 2:46:06.

For the men’s 25km event, 1st Male was won by Tony Pfaff (2:18:57), 2nd Male went to Volker Gartz (2:19:10) and 3rdMale was claimed by Richard Chilcott (2:20:53).

Congratulations to all our AURA members who raced in the 25km division, including David Murphy (2:29:34), Michael Hooker (2:38:03), Geoff Quinton (3:38:50) and Diane Breant (3:54:06).

Podium spots for the women’s and men’s 16km event were Nicola Hibbert in 1st Female (1:38:11), Sharon Beattie in 2ndFemale (1:46:18) and Rachel Clifton-Simms in 3rd Female (1:48:16); Graeme Bamber in 1st Male (1:17:12, Isaac Neretlis in 2nd Male (1:25:46) and Justin Wakefield in 3rd Male (1:32:49).

A full list of results can be viewed here.

Sun Run

GoodRunning’s Sun Run, the first event in a 2-event summer series, was held on Sunday, 9 January along the River Torrens Linear Pathway in Felixstowe, SA. On offer was a 60km ultra distance, which saw 4 runners participate, and 3 finish.

In the preliminary results, 1st Male went to Dylan Claridge (6:05:17), 2nd Male went to Andy Savage (6:49:32) and 3rdMale went to AURA member David Billett who completed the course in 6:58:52.

A full list of results can be viewed here.

Upcoming Events

With the current pandemic still hitting states all across the country, it’s advised to keep an eye on events’ FB pages or websites if you have entered a race; alternatively, race directors will always communicate with their participants and volunteers on the next course of action.

Hares and Hounds, hosted by AAA Racing, was scheduled to be held in Beerburrum, Qld last weekend however it’s been postponed to this weekend Saturday, 15 January to ensure safer conditions for all involved following horrific weather systems in the region.

Two Bays Trail Run is due to be held on Sunday, 16 January in Dromana, Vic and offers a 56km ultra distance. The event is also doubled up to be AURA’s Australian Short Trail Championships.

The 2022 Australia Day Ultra is scheduled for 22 January, providing up to 100km for ultra runners in the WA south west town of Australind, whilst the Sandman 50 will be held the last weekend of January, on the 29th, offering a 50km trail run from the Old Dunsborough Boat Ramp in WA.


We love making mention of AURA members when they achieve incredible results at other races across the country and around the world, so if you or someone you know is an AURA member and they’ve had an amazing event that isn’t AURA-listed, email and keep us in the loop!

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*Although no ultra distance was on offer at the OMFG Trail Running Festival, the event is partnered with AURA to encourage participants to get on the trails and be involved in an all-inclusive race where there is a possible likelihood ultra distances could be on offer in the future; also, if a race director of the said event has other events listed with AURA, they are welcome to list and partner with us.

Any discrepancies in results, or if you have found yourself missing from our report, please email for any and all corrections. 

Pictured: Jessica Smith with her 1st Female trophy in the OMGF Trail Running Festival’s 25km event. Photograph – Supplied/Facebook.