Runningworks Lark Hill Dusk to Dawn, WA

It was a big night down in Port Kennedy, WA where the annual Runningworks Lark Hill Dusk to Dawn 100k and 50k was held. The event is a 3k limestone loop course, GPS measured, and there are three distances to choose from – 25k (eight laps), 50k (17 laps) and the 100k (34 laps). Dusk to Dawn kicked off as the sun set on Saturday, March 2 near-on 7pm, and runners were given an official cut-off so long as they started their last lap by no later than 8am Sunday morning.

There were 12 starters for the 100k, and 27 starters for the 50k.

A stellar effort was had by all participants, in particular Jen Millum from Karnup, WA who yet again saw a podium finish within her racing career. She secured not only 1st Female but 1st Overall, completing her 100k in a time of 11:31:17, and said it was her third time running Lark Hill but second time doing the 100k.

“It has a few hilly parts as well as a soft sandy bit, and it’s extremely taxing to repeat the loop so many times throughout the night,” she said.

“I love to hate this race, because loops drive me loopy; I entered because I needed to run for a long time in a safe place, and I wasn’t planning on racing up until I was told I was first overall and about to lap the guys!”

Millum said she was ‘absolutely stoked’ to have achieved her very first overall win.

“I’ve never won a race outright before and it was really unexpected, it’s such an amazing feeling,” she revealed.

Well done to Darlene Dale (12:55:53) and Myra Keep for also running in the 100k.

Congratulations also goes to those AURA members who entered the 50k including Andrew McLeish (4:55:13), Rob Sutton (5:51:23), Kerriann Bresser (5:59:06), Bob Colligan (6:17:15), Paul Every (6:35:39), Joanne Dean (6:38:27), Louise Wallace (7:53:15), Julia Mackay-Koelen (8:57:03) and Matt Byles.

The next event on the AURA calendar is the AAA Racing Hill Climb Challenge (Round Three) in Woodford, Qld this Saturday, March 9.

Pictured: An elated Jen Millum crossing the finish line of the 100k at the Runningworks Lark Hill Dusk to Dawn. Photograph – Shannon Dale.