Blackall 100, Qld

The Blackall 100 on Saturday, which was held in Hinterland, Qld was also the Australian National Trail Championships (Long Course). What were ideal conditions for racing, the Blackall 100 laid claim to two events, the 50k and the 100k.

In the 100k AURA’s very own Daniel Williams took an amazing 2nd Male/Overall considering this was his first ever 100k after completing his first 50k recently. Fairly new to ultra running, he clocked in at 10:25:34, not far behind the first placer who finished in 9:57:21, and his placing means he is the Australian National Trail Championship (Long Course) champion!

In the same race, Luke Sep Pryor was 12th Male (11:58:39), while Michael Bray took 13th Male (11:59:15) hot on his heels, earning the titles of National Trail Championship (Long Course) second and third placers respectively.

For the women, Carmen Atkinson took 4th Female (12:35:14), Alena Scurrah claimed 5th Female (12:50:31) and Chrissy Redwood finished 6th Female (12:54:05), and thus being the championships has seen them claim first, second and third winnings. Congratulations ladies!

Congratulations also goes out to the many AURA members who competed in the Blackall 100 including Howie McCann (12:03:38), Tim Lyndon (12:44:18), Michael Duggan (13:15:14), Dylan Cole-Jones (13:26:01), Doug Richardson (13:31:21), Laurie Laine (13:33:02), Kathryn Austin (13:50:39), Karen Barrett (14:02:39), Paul Jones (14:26:39), Alex Reznik (14:51:48), Rob Bele (15:05:03), Meagan Sims (15:15:58), Paul Jackson (15:25:28), Oliver Armstrong (15:43:19), Andrew Speakman (15:46:52), Lauren Shay (16:04:41), Kris Ryan (16:15:34), George Mihalakellis (16:28:31), Justin Parise (16:31:21), Tracey Patterson-Kane (17:49:58) and Duc Do (21:22:05).

Well done also to those who ran in the 50k including Dianna Worrell (7:28:23) and Lynn Mazza (9:20:01).

Races this weekend on the AURA-listed calendar are the Salming Runningworks Ultra in WA on Saturday, the Heysen 105 across the weekend in SA, and the Ned Kelly Chase in Vic on Sunday.

Pictured: Daniel Williams takes 2nd Male in the Blackall 100 100k, claiming his first place male in the Australian National Trail Championships (Long Course).  Photograph – Blackall 100/Facebook.