What an exciting weekend! The Nerang 200 Miler, accompanied by other distances also, took place from Thursday, September 27 with a strong contingent of AURA members participating. Known to be a tough and gruelling course, the 200 Miler had just 6 DNFs in total out of 18 participants, and the 100 Miler just 7 DNFs from 17 starters.

To the 200 Miler, and first over the line for AURA members was Kerrie Williamson from Cashmere, Qld who completed the distance in an astonishing 64:08:11, claiming 1st Female/3rd Overall.

Stephen Wright claimed victorious also in finishing the distance, with a time of 74:36:54 and taking 5th Male/6th Overall.

What an amazing effort by all those who entered, finished, and attempted the 200 Miler. The mental and physical strength, self-belief, and knowledge required to set foot over the start line of such a race is beyond respectable, whether one has successfully completed the distance or under certain circumstances, pulled out.

Congratulations also goes to Richard McCormick who took out 2nd Male/4th Overall in the gruelling 100 Miler with 31:56:03, and Kevin McCann in the 100km who secured 2nd Male/3rd Overall with a time of 15:59:29.

In the Nerang 50km event, AURA’s very own Oliver Armstrong took out 1st Male/1st Overall with a fast time of 4:53:04. He was closely followed by Alex Reznik who claimed 2nd Male/2nd Overall in 5:33:55, while Carmen Atkinson also put in a stellar effort taking 2nd Female/5th Overall with 5:59:08. Well done also to Kelvin Marshall who finished the 50km distance in 6:39:41.

The Adelaide 6 Day is currently being run, and the next AURA-listed events will be held this weekend, including the Ultra Series WA’s Haunted Pines Ultra, Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail Ultra, and the Western Coastal Marathon.