The Surf Coast Century and Butter24 were both held across the weekend, each with amazing results for our AURA members.

Starting with the Surf Coast Century in Anglesea, Vic 100k World Championships team participant Gary Mullins took on the 50k event and claimed third with a 4:27:32, a great effort for this extraordinary athlete having just come back from Croatia earlier in the week. Congratulations also to Damon Whish-Wilson (4:58:31) and Alison Stephens (6:07:27) who also finished the distance in what was being called all-four seasons weather!

Well done to all our members who competed and crossed the finish line in the 100k event, including Matthew Crehan (9:49:53), Ewan Horsburgh (9:54:27), Mak Sawa (10:46:31), David Sutherland (11:15:30), Nikki Wynd (11:35:29), Stuart Hughes (11:57:15), Mallani Moloney (12:17:38), Scott Mitchell (12:45:04), Wendy Lines (13:32:48), Michael Pickavance (13:58:44), Phil Ryan (14:23:56), Richard McCormick (14:44:13), Bill Bardsley (14:44:46), Oliver Mestdagh (15:28:12) and Lauren Shay (15:33:31).

Saturday saw the start of the Butter24 at the Queensland State Athletics Centre in Nathan, Qld (formerly known as the Brisbane Track Ultra). It featured a number of timed races, including a 24/12/6hr, marathon, half marathon and a 10k, great for all types of runners.

Focusing on our AURA members in ultra distances, it was a three-podium placing finish for the men in the 24hr event, with Dan Symonds taking out first position with an official distance of 221.069kms and setting a new age group record (25-29).

Right behind him was Oliver Armstrong, who finished a total of 192.262kms and also claimed victory to a new age group record (20-24), and third went to Greg Ponych, who totalled 178.938kms.

The women also took a podium finish, seeing Kris Ryan taking first place with her track distance of 152.944kms. It was a well-rounded effort also by Cassie Smith (117.712kms) and Hayley Ferry (85.600kms).

Trevor Allen claimed third place for the men in the 12hr with a total of 103.642kms, while in the 6hr Connie Stevenson took home gold for the women (70.169) and Jodie Oborne silver (57.260kms).

An amazing effort by John Nuttall also, with his total distance of 43.232.

The next AURA-listed event will be held this weekend, September 22 to 23 in Dwellingup, WA. The Waterous Trail on Foot (WTF) offers a 100 Miler and 50 Miler, and is a race many of the state’s ultra runners look forward to every year.

Pictured: Surf Coast Century participants. Photograph – Rapid Ascent Ultra Running Events/Facebook.