Bailey Centre Great Ocean, NSW
Tamworth Trailblazer, NSW

Looking back at the week prior, the Bailey Centre Great Ocean 45kms was held on March 25 along Red Rock (Coffs Harbour), south along the oceanfront to Coffs Harbour jetty in NSW. A beautiful and picturesque race, we would like to congratulate those AURA members who participated and finished the race, including Stephen Lewis from Stanthorpe, Qld (5:49:52), Kelvin Marshall from Tugun, Qld (6:12:23) and Mathew Williams from Port Macquarie, NSW (6:57:28).

Last weekend we saw the running of AURA-listed Tamworth Trailblazer in NSW, and the 45kms event saw a total of 6 out of 10 competitors cross the finish line. Well done to each runner who ran their best!

This coming weekend, exciting times ahead! With the Down Under 135 over in Victoria. Known to be super demanding and extreme, we can’t wait to see the results for this one.