6 Inch Trail Marathon, WA

Usually there are always stories from participants of WA’s 6 Inch Trail Marathon about the heat, and how much the sun and high temperatures impact performance. For 2017, it will be ‘that year we got the torrential rains’, with the wait at the start line for 4.30am seeing everyone huddled together trying to stay warm under their ever-fashionable emergency blankets.

And while the clouds didn’t clear, showers were intermittent throughout the 47kms ultra race as 298 participants started their trek along the Munda Biddi to make their way south from North Dandalup to Dwellingup.

There were 30 AURA members running in the event, and congratulations goes out to everyone who made such great effort on a technical and hilly course that was left with slippery pea gravel and mud and puddles all over the place.

Well done to Nathan Fawkes (3:50:59), Richard Avery (3:54:25), Tony Smith (4:03:52), Andrew McLeish (4:03:31), Mick Francis (4:27:41), Nick Swallow (4:32:10), Barbara Fieberg (4:35:41), Rebecca Hefferon (4:40:22), Alex Pattinson (4:46:27), Dale-Lyn Russell (4:50:21), Shaun Kaesler (4:51:25), Karen Mickle (5:06:51), Jake Stride (5:08:46), Harmony Waite (5:18:43), Jutta Kober (5:43:29), Lucia Caravia (5:44:31), Andrew O’Brien (5:54:37), Margie Hadley (5:55:16), Ian Dougan (6:02:01), Rob McFarlane (6:05:35), Juliette Buchanan (6:23:43), Hanna Beach (6:35:09), Kelly-Lyn Fleming (6:40:09), William Wallace (6:52:32), Peter Barry (7:06:54), and Gemma Hamilton (7:40:32).

Great efforts also by Veronica Noonan, Simon Bonnick, Gary Wilmot, and Kate Dzienis.

6 Inch Marathon was the last AURA-listed event for 2017.

Pictured: Nathan Fawkes at the end of the Munda Biddi trail at 6 Inch Trail Marathon, heading for the home stretch to the finish line. Photograph – Rod Bickers.