Gold Coast 100k, National Championships, Qld
Cleland 50k Trail, SA

The Gold Coast 100kms was held on Sunday (June 10) – also the official AURA Australian National Championships for the 100k – at the Sports Super Centre at Runaway Bay, Qld on a rectangular lap of 6.25k.

As Australia’s oldest measured 100kms road race, the Gold Coast 100k featured not only the National Champ distance, but a 50 Miler and 50k for ultra running enthusiasts (as well as a marathon, 25k, 10k and 4x25k relay).

The 100k participants had to complete 16 laps, the 50k runners 8 times, and the 50 milers started .79k from the state/finish line to complete 12 laps.

AURA members took out 5 out of the 6 podium finishers in both the men’s and women’s categories for the 100k, with Merrimac (Qld) runner Darryl Hill claiming 1st overall with a spectacular time of 7:18:12.

Close behind and claiming 2nd overall was Wodonga’s Kevin Muller with a time of 7:37:42, while Malcolm Gamble took 3rd for the men with 7:53:45.

For the ladies, Emilie Tan took victory with a 2nd placing podium finish (and 6th overall) thanks to her time of 8:33:17 while WA runner Barbara Fieberg kept right on her heels, crossing the finish in 8:51:39 (7th overall) and Anya Mullin in 10:17:06 (10th overall).

Congratulations also goes out to Pam Muston and Andrew Heyden as well as those who put in some big efforts – David Bailey, Karen Mickle, Scott Brittain, Corrina Black, and Christopher Gippel.

Summary of National Championships placings:


  • 1st Darryl Hill
  • 2nd Kevin Muller
  • 3rd Malcolm Gamble


  • 1st Emilie Tan
  • 2nd Barbara Fieberg
  • 3rd Anya Mullin

For the 50 miler, it was AURA member Alex Reznik who took out 1st overall as he set the track on fire, claiming a time of 7:02:54. A massive pat on the back for the efforts of Stephen Lewis too, who finished his event in 10:13:54.

The 50k race was also a hot one to watch, with well known AURA member Tia Jones placing in at 2nd female with 3:54:12 and Kyoko Miura in 3rd with 4:11:18. Well done to AURA members John Nuttall (4:40:38), Kerrie Bremner (4:43:08) and Kelvin Marshall (4:57:59).

Onto the Cleland 50k Trail, held on Sunday also but in SA, the race took in the Cleland Conservation Park from all directions.

Congratulations to all our AURA members who ran in the event, including Morgan Coull (5:02:58), Kazu Kuwata (5:22:44), Bronwyn Young (5:29:41), AURA Vice President Alexis Oosterhoff (6:17:19), Graham Tottey (6:56:52), Rebecca Taipari (7:18:38), Cristian Izzini (7:19:17), and Merle Carter (9:14:04).

Keep an eye out later in the week for a recap of the LeFevre Coastal, which took place on June 10.

The next event on the AURA-listed events calendar is the Ultra Series WA Wild Goose Chase, across the weekend of June 29-July 1. There is still time to register, just click on the link!

Pictured: AURA members David Bailey (left) and 100k winner in the Gold Coast 100k Darryl Hill. Photograph – Supplied/Facebook.