Coast to Kosciuszko
Gold Coast 50kms

With the end of the year looming near, we have had just a few races to close off 2017 and this weekend was by far an inspiring couple of days by ultra runners along the eastern seafront.

It started on Friday with an early morning start of the Coast to Kosciuszko, a 240kms road race with half sealed surface and the other half unsealed/forestry service roads from Boydtown Beach to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko, then a finish at Charlotte Pass.

Out of 40 participants taking on the event, a whopping 22 ultra runners were AURA members. To top it off, the first 10 to cross the finish line were also a part of the AURA family, and we could not be more proud of everyone who took part in this massive ultra race.

Mick Thwaites, whose support crew consisted of AURA president Rob Donkersloot and AURA member Shaun Mulholland), secured the top spot, completing his trek in 24:58:59 with 2016 C2K champion Kevin Muller hot on his heels and taking out second place (27:16:26).

David Turnbull gave the boys a run for their money having been the first to come through the 50kms checkpoint at Rocky Hall, and kept them on their toes. He finished the podium standings with third place and a great time of 28:10:02.

AURA women claimed all three podium finishes for first, second and third too– what a strong finish by all three! Katy Anderson proudly took home first place (31:08:44), Sabina Hamaty right behind her in second (32:02:18) and Pam Muston (who was also support crewed by AURA member and former Ultramag editor Elizabeth Bennett) rounding off the trio in 33:10:48.

Completing the top 10 were John Pearson (28:34:50), John Yoon (29:18:30), Barry McBride (30:48:03) and Justin Scholz (33:28:02).

Congratulations goes out to all our members who finished the 240kms through their determination, perseverance, and hard work – David Billett (33:42:10), Shane James (35:00:42), Daragh O’Loughlin (35:03:55), Kerrie Williamson (35:06:32), David Giles (35:24:39), Stephen Kiley (37:33:00), Cheryl Symons (37:46:18), Jane Trumper (38:51:50), Doug Richardson (40:53:48), Damon Roberts (40:59:55), Robert Sutton (44:48:00) and Oliver Mestdagh (45:30:36).

A stellar effort by all.

Sunday we saw another event take place – the Gold Coast 50kms, held from Kurrawa to Coolangatta and back again. A beautiful run along the Queensland beachfront, 172 runners participated in the event with 18 of those counted to be AURA members.

Against fierce competition, Kyoko Miura took out second place in the women’s with her time of 4:14:08.

Well done to all our AURA members who finished the 50kms! Including Trevor Warburton (14th overall) with his time of 3:59:16, Corrina Black (4:22:33), Ben Darcy (4:22:35), Henri Coombs (4:27:03), Ross Kingsley (4:33:57), Michael Ford (4:49:39), Graham Tottey (4:51:27), Kelvin Marshall (5:04:35), Rich Jones (5:08:52), John Nuttal (5:11:47), Hayley Farry (5:25:09), Richard McCormick (5:27:48), Stephen Lewis (5:44:09), Geoff Last (5:59:19), Peter Anderson (6:43:34), Heather Dwyer (7:36:25) and Cassie Smith (8:20:08).

There is only one more AURA-listed event for the year, 6 Inch Trail Ultra in WA, to be held this coming weekend on December 17. Happy tapering!

Pictured: Mick Thwaites, Rob Donkersloot and Shaun Mulholland at the summit of Mt Kosciuszko. Image – Facebook.