Contributed by Simone Hayes, AURA Treasurer

Last month AURA held the first of many planned webinars, which be offered free to all members. The first two are an introduction to our new webinar series and free to any runner, so we hope you enjoyed our first one titled So You Want To Be an Ultra Runner last month!

We discussed the growing sport of ultra running, the sense of community the sport has, how to get started if you are new to the sport, where to find and what to look for in a coach, how much training is required relative to the distance and experience of the runner, what ultra races are out there to explore, how you are never too old to start and that you don’t have to be fast to be an ultra runner.

We also talked about the enjoyment that our sport brings and our panellists and state representatives are always available to be contacted for any help or assistance that runners may need – you only have to ask and someone from AURA would love to take you under their wing and guide you. We are runners helping runners.

The webinar was recorded and is still available to watch if you missed it!

Stay tuned for an update following our second webinar Women In Ultra Running, which was held on Wednesday, 29 September at 7.30pm, where we discussed the barriers women may have to step up to their next ultra or starting out running ultra distances. We also covered the basics of managing time and family all the way down to those monthly practicalities that may happen on race day and how to deal with them!