The IAU conducted a Commonwealth Championships Trail Ultra event in 2011.  No future Commonwealth Championships are currently being planned.

Past events:

Details:The 2011 Commonwealth Trail Championships were held in Wales on 25 September 2011.

There were 39 finishers, of which 22 were male and 17 were female. Male winner was Richard Gardiner from Wales in 3:29:55 and the female winner was Emma Gooderham from England in 3:53:50.

Davies, Brendan
Donges, Michael
Worswick, Jonathan

Breen, Verity
Bull, Kirstin
Hasthorpe, Cindy
Seibold-Crosbie, Kate
Team Results:Mens Team:

1st - Wales
2nd - England
3rd - Australia
Womens Team:

1st - England
2nd - Scotland
3rd - Australia
Individual Results:MEN:

Davies, Brendan, 3:38:57 - 4th
Donges, Michael, 3:40:11 - 5th
Worswick, Jonathan, 3:57:24 - 17th

Bull, Kirstin, 4:09:53 - F3
Seibold-Crosbie, Kate, 4:32:09 - F8
Breen, Verity, 4:36:39 - F10
Hasthorpe, Cindy, 4:50:28 - F14