By Kate Dzienis

It’s that time of year again when our AURA memberships are winding down, and we need to start looking ahead to 2018. Sure, some of us don’t even know what we’re doing tomorrow or this coming weekend, but I can guarantee you that most of us already have an idea of what races we’ll be entering, whether they be locally, in another state, or even across the seas in international territory.

In this age of social media where we are hyper-connected and can find information almost anywhere from just about anyone, there are still benefits to joining a membership organisation. With AURA, one of the biggest factors is you’ll be supporting a member-based group that promotes the sport of ultra running and as an individual, you’ll be helping build its growth in Australia.

Our mission is to not only advocate ultra running and boost its popularity, but maintain all channels of communication about events and rankings, as well as encourage the physical, mental and social well-being of Australians through the sport.

Joining a membership based organisation has other perks too, from members only discounts at AURA-listed events to networking and being a part of a family. When you wear your AURA singlet, shirt or cap at a race, and spot someone else wearing the same thing, don’t you feel a connection straight away? We already have strong bonds with others in the ultra running community, having met so many people along the way, but don’t you just love that sensation of happiness when you have a visual association from across the start line?

There’s really nothing that compares.

And honestly, the cost of joining is reimbursed with all the discounts on offer for AURA-listed events, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Ultimately, the sport of ultra running is part of the fabric of a community of people who are actively involved, and who are going to be healthier both physically, mentally and emotionally. Even spiritually. We always find ourselves gravitating towards other runners and enthusiasts, and runs become more fun (wait, more fun than what they are already?!).

So make sure your membership is renewed and ready for 2018!

Check our full list of benefits to joining here.

Pictured: Aid station 1 volunteers at this year’s 6 Inch Ultra Trail in WA, most of whom are ultra runners and AURA members. Photograph – Alexis Oosterhoff.