This form is for the application of an IAU label by organisers of events that have been approved to be listed by AURA. AURA takes the information provided through this form, and makes application to IAU on behalf of the race organiser.

An IAU label is especially important for events for which the IAU recognises World Records and World’s Best Performance records. To qualify for such records (including age group records), the performance must have been set at an event holding a current IAU label. Similarly some national athletics / ultra running federations require an IAU label for a national record to be recognised. For full information of the IAU requirements of records / world performances please see: World Best Performance Guidelines_Sep 2019_approved.pdf 

These are the requirements for AURA to apply for an IAU label on behalf of an event organiser:

  • The application including all required documentation must be submitted through the form below no less than two calendar months before the event date.
  • A current AIMS certificate of the course measurement is required (except for trail races). AIMS certificates are valid for five years.
  • The event organiser must not advertise or promote the race has an IAU label until they have official confirmation of approval by IAU. This includes renewals, and as such any mention of a label must be removed from the event website once the labelled event has taken place, so as to not infer a label has been secured for future race/s. Should the event organiser wish to make reference to an IAU label before IAU approval of the application is received, the event organiser may publish the following statement: “[Race Name] intends to apply for an IAU [Bronze] label for this race, should the application be approved by IAU, the approval will be published here.”

Should you have any questions in regards to IAU labels, please contact AURA’s Kerrie Bremner

Application Form


IAU Label Application
Have you applied for and received approval for AURA Listing? *
It is mandatory your event has been approved for listing by AURA before an IAU label application is assessed
Attach AURA Listing Agreement PDF Document *

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

It is a requirement an event has achieved Bronze label status before a Silver label application will be considered. Similarly a Silver must be achieved before Gold. For information on the label provisions and requirements see
This label application is a *
Distance or Time (i.e. 24H, 50K, 6D, 100M, ...)
Road, Track, Trail, Indoor *
Doping Control? *
Course must be measured a minimum of every five years
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Is there any change from the course as prescribed in the AIMS certificate *
Do you agree to meet the AURA requirements for label application and agree to follow the IAU competition guidelines? *