AURA is pleased to announce the members selected for the 2022 Australian 100km Team who will be heading to Berlin, Germany for August 27 for the IAU 100km World Championships.

Get to know who’s on the team…and congratulations to all of you! 

Clay Dawson
Qualifier – 2022 Sydney International 100km (7:07:25)

“As a regular guy who as a youth was none-too-talented, gifted or co-ordinated at sport, the dream of representing Australia was something I would put in the same pigeon-hole as understanding cold-fusion or being the Prime Minister.

I am beyond proud that after the delay of 2020 and Covid I can finally wear that green and gold. I may cry, and get overly emotional, but just as much I am laser focussed on not wasting this opportunity!

On a side-note, how AWESOME is this TEAM?! Thanks to AURA and the selectors, rest assured, we’ll do you proud! Let’s get ‘em!”

Clare Palmer
Qualifier – 2022 Sydney International 100km (8:54:35)

“I entered the 100km Sydney International in April this year (2022). It was my first attempt at this distance and thought I would try to just complete the 100km; and if I got a qualifying time then that would be a bonus. I did complete the race with a time of 8 hours 54 mins, and came 3rd Female. 

I learnt so much in this race and I think I will respect the distance a lot more with regards to pacing and being more conservative early on in the race and hopefully get a better time in Berlin this August. I’ve represented Australia before where I competed in the 50km World Championships in Romania in September 2019 – I placed 30th out of 67 women and it was an amazing experience.

I’m sure running in Germany and representing my country will not disappoint me either. Also, I can’t wait to meet up with the rest of the Aussie team and get to know them. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!”

Anna Pillinger
Qualifier – 2022 Southern Sydney Ultra (8:29:39)

“My qualifying event was the Southern Sydney Ultra (2022) where I got an A Qualifier Time (8:29:39) in my first 100km event and first run on a track. I’m so excited to be representing Australia at the 100km World Champs with this awesome team of runners.

Receiving the call to say I had made the team still feels a bit surreal as prior to my qualifying event I hadn’t run 100km, hadn’t run on a track and had only entered the event two weeks before.

Running is a huge part of my life and provides a welcome break from the fun craziness of life with three young kids. I’m so grateful to AURA for giving me this opportunity and I can’t wait for the journey over the next couple of months and ultimately getting over to Germany and giving it my best!”

Andrew McConnell
Qualifier – 2022 Sydney International 100km (7:17:06)

“I loved playing sports including athletics growing up, but I was pretty hopeless at all of them. I always fantasised about competing in the Olympics, but deep down knew it was never going to happen. So I’m so grateful to have found my niche in ultra running, and now being given the opportunity to represent Australia is a dream come true. 

Until 6 months ago, I’d always focused on trail ultras, having never raced more than a half marathon on the roads. Ironically, it was at the greatest trail race of them all – Western States – in 2019 that the seed was sewn to one day try and make the road 100km World Championships following a chat with Gary Mullins.

Even more ironically it was also Gary who created the Sydney 100km this year where I ran my qualifier. To add a coincidence to the ironies it was another Gary – Howard – who coached me to that performance. The Sydney 100km was both extra special and extra challenging due to it taking place seven weeks after our first child was born.

It absolutely could not have happened without the support and selflessness of my partner Dominique (and our daughter Sigrid of course!).”

Dion Finocchiaro
Qualifier – 2022 Sydney International 100km (6:30:43)

“Being selected for another World Championships (this is Dion’s third time selected!) is a great privilege and I look forward to running in Germany with the rest of the Australlian team.

I have some unfinished business from the 2018 World Champs since I was a DNS. This time, I have big goals of competing with the lead pack and potentially getting an international medal – either a team or individual.

I think we have a solid men’s team that can compete for a medal if we all run well. I’m also excited to reconnect with a lot of the new and old teammates for a great experience on the streets of Berlin!”

Corrina Black
Qualifier – 2022 Sydney International 100km (8:36:39)

“My qualifying event was the Sydney International 100km (National Championship) in April this year. I secured 1st Female in a time of 8:36. It is an honour to be selected by AURA to represent Australia again.

I am grateful for the opportunity and am very excited to stand alongside a remarkable team of athletes to race our best in Berlin.”

Greta Truscott
Qualifier – 2022 Sydney International 100km (8:49:11)

“My qualifying event was the Sydney International 100km with a time of 8:49:11 (B Qualifier, 2nd Place and debut 100km on 23 April 2022) The furthest I’d run before that was 65km so my body is still adjusting to these longer distances. I’m so delighted to be on this Aussie team of amazing runners, all of whom I really admire and am learning so much from. I have to pinch myself that I’ll be wearing the green and gold for 100km in Berlin!

I was so proud of my husband Chris when he went to the World Champs 100km in Qatar back in 2014, but I never thought I could run that far. After doing Pat Farmer’s 1000 Miles to Light in 2021, where I ran 40km a day for 10 days, I was itching for the next exciting distance running adventure. When I spotted the Sydney International 100km event pop up, I toyed with the idea, but wasn’t convinced. Then something came over me like an animal and I entered. I started a program with Barry Keem early February, which gave me 11 weeks until the event. 

Now that I’m on the team, I feel proud and dedicated to do my best in upcoming training. However, various frustrations have been getting Covid, trying to recover from that, but getting injured and currently finding the sweet spot of cross training, running, recovery, good sleep and good nutrition together with looking after my family and coaching Rejoov Runners. 

Taking on the advice of my team mates, being patient, working hard and being excited – are all thriving. Thank you AURA for your support and for this opportunity.”

Michelle McAdam
Qualifier – 2019 Ned Kelly Chase 100km (8:15:15)

“I am excited and proud to be a part of this talented team. I applied to the team after qualifying in 2019 at the Ned Kelly 100km Australian Championships. It was my first (and only) road 100km race which I finished in 8:15.

I am forever grateful  to my family in continuing to support me to chase my dreams and being on the journey with me (also putting up with me when I’m tired and grumpy). One of my motivators for my running is my two children and to show them how much hard work I put in to reach my goals. What better way to inspire them then to have their mum in an Australia uniform.

I can’t wait to see what I can achieve and how fit I can get in really applying myself in the lead up to Berlin.”

Grant Schmidlechner
Qualifier – 2020 Spartanion Race (Tel Aviv) 100km (6:50:17)

“Seriously pinching myself with the news I’ll be representing Australia! What a two years it’s been since I hatched a very late night plan to up from the marathon to 100km. 

It started as an idea to encourage my little boys to always keep trying – to keep pursuing your dreams. I managed the A qualifier for the 2020 100km World Champs, but unfortunately Covid had different ideas. While I had doubts the dream would come true, I was so excited and proud to get the message from AURA president Ewan Horsburgh that I had been selected to represent Australia. 

I’m looking forward to wearing the precious green and gold. Knowing my biggest supporters (my wife Em and our three boys) will be there to cheer me and the rest of the team on, is very special.”

Jackie Kellerman
Qualifier – 2021 Australia Day Ultra 100km (8:14:05)

“A late starter to running (in my 30s), I fell in love with the Comrades Marathon in 2016 after my local running club convinced me that I wasn’t a ‘real’ runner until completing at least one! I’ve since completed three Comrades Marathons and several other ultra marathons with my love for the long run growing stronger with each one. 

I’m honoured to be part of a strong team representing Australia in the green and gold. I’m also grateful to train and live in the beautiful WA, with a fun loving running community. Hoping to promote the sport that I am highly passionate about and to encourage others to run past the marathon, no matter where you are in life. 

Let’s do this team!”