AURA has released final results of the 2022 AURA Points Competition . It was a tight finish, with the top-three positions initially tied on 100 points, and 8th through 10th on 51 points.   According to the Countback rules, placings were then decided by the following formula:

“If two or more people are tied on “whole” points at the end of the year, then a count back will occur. The count back will be based on part points for accumulated distance by dividing the exact total distance by 50. For example, a person who accumulated 1125.13km would be given 22 “whole” points in the normal results, but if involved in a count back would be credited with 1125.13/50 = 22.5026 points.”

Following the countback, Phil Gore took out 1st place with an adjusted 101.89 points, followed by Kevin Matthews (101.10) and Kevin Muller (100.99)

It’s the first time in the history of the competition to have a tie for 1st place, so it’s even more incredible to see three people with the same achievment!

The top 10 for 2022 are:

  1. [101.89] Phil Gore
  2. [101.10] Kevin Matthews 
  3. [100.99] Kevin Muller
  4. [69] Jennifer Millum
  5. [68] Margaret Hadley
  6. [60] Jessica Smith
  7. [53] David Billett
  8. [52.60] Dion Finocchiaro
  9. [52.31] Thomas Dade
  10. [51.59] Allicia Heron

To view the complete list of members who secured points in 2022 click here and then follow through to Points Summary under the 2022 tab.

Congratulations to everyone who participated this year.