Waterous Trail on Foot (WTF100)

Where: Dwellingup, WA
Status: 100 Mile and 50 Mile GPS measured trail races on trail.
When: The next event is 23-24 September 2017. The last event was 25 September 2016.
Further information: Runners will start at or near the Dwellingup Caravan Park, taking a short connecting trail to the Munda Biddi Trail. Runners then follow the Munda Biddi Trail south to Nanga. From Nanga, runners follow the Waterous Loop Trail in an anti-clockwise direction past Waroona Dam and back to Nanga. This is the finish of the 50 miler. 100 mile runners turn around and retrace the same route back to the Dwellingup Caravan Park. Aid Stations will be located at Nanga (17, 80 & 143K), Waroona Dam (35 & 126K), Nanga Rd/King Jarrah Form intersection (58 & 102K) and the intersection of the Waterous Loop and Willowdale Rd (50 & 110K). Toilets are located at Nanga (17K), Waroona Dam (35K) and again at 80K, 126K and 144K.
Mandatory gear: Runners are required to carry a mobile phone, their own food and a minimum of 1ltr of water between drink refill stations. Other rules are found by clicking here.
How long in existence: Inaugural race in 2013

Winners in recent years:

100 Mile:
Year male time female time
2016 Richard Gould 20:10 Emily Laidley 22:38
2015 Ben Harris 21:45:22 Crystal Shiu 25:54:33
2014 Hunter Dodds 19:23:24 Natalie Wallace 30:55:55
2013 Ewan Horsburgh 17:37:15 Fiona Johnson 21:14:14
50 Mile:
Year male time female time
2016 Lukas Scheidegger 8:17 Martine Nield 9:04
2015 Nathan Fawkes 7:32:31 Emily Laidley 9:03:56
2014 Josh Garrett 6:34 Nikki Wynd 8:20
2013 Tom Bakowski 7:38:57 Helen Roberts 8:53:20

Race records:
100miles – Male, Ewan Horsburgh (2013), 17:37:15; Female, Fiona Johnson (2013), 21:14:14
50miles – Male, Josh Garrett (2014), 6:34; Female, Nikki Wynd (2014), 8:20

Race Director: Dave Kennedy 0433 333 206

Event website

Results: 2015 (100m); 2015 (50m); 2014; 2013;