Three marathons in three days

Details: Just so you know – There are hills in this race. Big hills.
Race Founder, Larry Lawson, claims that this ultra-marathon came about by ‘accident’, as there was a “Run a marathon in three days” event on the race calendar in Cairns in 2012, but Larry said “I’ll do Three Marathons in Three Days”, and soon he had enlisted other runners to join him. It is a popular event for those clocking up their marathons, and ultra-runners who want to give a stage race a go. Most of us just do it for a bit of fun out in the bush for three days, while other take it fairly seriously. Who will beat Om’s phenomenal 2016 record-breaking time of 10:50:10?

Where: Kuranda to Cedar Park Rainforest Resort (Koah area) to Cairns, Tropical North Queensland.

When: The next event is 13-15 July 2018. Last event was on 9-11 July 2017.

Status: 3 day stage race totaling 126.6 km. The main event consists of three stages, each 42km, run over three consecutive days. The Cairns Marathon is available on the last day and the Kauri Half Marathon on the first day.

Parking/Accommodation: Ample parking at all venues and an accommodation package is available, this includes transport to and from the race each day.

How long in existence: Inaugural race 2012

Number of Starters/Finishers: 2016: 52/46; 2015: 44/43; 2014: 39/33; 2013: 39/32; 2012: 32/25;

Winners in recent years:

Year male time female time
2017 Robbie Barnes 11:27:10 Katherine Macmillan 12:49:36
2016 Om Beacom-Halliday 10:50:10 Alena Scurrah 14:41:35
2015 Frank Bittner 11:37:19 Maggie Jones 12:37:38
2014 Shane Jordan 12:56:40 Samantha Gash 13:34:15
2013 Scott Anderson 13:01:23 Alison Whitehead 13:56:22
2012 Glen Robinson 11:28:56 Fleur Bromley 15:40:10

Race records: Om Beacom-Halliday 10:50:10 (2016) Maggie Jones 12:37:38 (2015)

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AURA members receive discounted entry into this event.

Note: Due to safety concerns Junior Runners (Under 18s) cannot participate in this event.

Race Directors: Lorraine Lawson, Tel 0417 798 444, email: