Duncan’s Run

Where: Grand Strzelecki Track, Tarra Bulga, Gippsland, VIC

Status: 100km trail.

When: The next event is 1 April 2017. The last event was 2 April 2016.

Details: The run is a memorial run for Duncan Orr. The main event will be a 100k solo run, with support events of 100k relay, 50k and 30k. The run will be held along the Grand Strzelecki Track in Tarra Bulga. The track is mostly trail. The course is made up of loops, each time going through the Visitors Centre at Balook.

Participation: Entries limited to 150 places.

Recent Winners:

Year male time female time
2016 Joel Claxton 11:57:21.8 Joanna Kruk 12:06:11.1
2014 Stephen Rennick 10:24:22 Shannon-Leigh Litt 12:29:44
2013 David Overend 11:48:59 Katherine MacMillan 12:26:24
2015 Shane Wheeler 5:26:28.5 Gemma Worland 5:57:09.0
2013 Magnus Michelsson 4:17:10 Eliza Allan 6:09:03

Overall event records:
100km Male, Stephen Rennick (2014) 10:24:22; Female, Joanna Kruk (2016) 12:06:11.1
50km Magnus Michelsson (2013) 4:17:10; Female, Gemma Worland (2016) 5:57:09.0

Race Director: Travis McInnes email or telephone 0409 025 220


Results: 2014 | 2013