Canberra 48 Hr Race

Where: Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Canberra, ACT
Status: 48Hr, 24hr, 12Hr and 6Hr on 400m certified track.
How long in existence: Two years.
Next event is 16th-18th March 2018.

About the event:

Throughout the weekends racing there will be turn around in direction every four hours. This event is a runner’s event with a family atmosphere amongst helpers and athletes. Most of the organising team are or have been ultra-runners and so are very familiar with what makes an event great. Whether you are an experienced ultra veteran, or first-timer keen to explore the realms beyond the marathon, we look forward to welcoming you and encourage you to participate in this special event.

Winners in recent years:

Canberra 48h, 48h

2017Mick Thwaites404.560Susan Keith316.077
2016Mick Thwaites413.059Nikki Wynd343.044

Canberra 48h, 24h

2017Kevin Muller227.731Sharon Scholz206.201
2016Barry Loveday257.953Jess Baker230.395

Canberra 48h, 12h

2017Matthew Eckford134.715Tia Jones128.289
2016Francesco Ciancio124.841Kathryn Austin108.735

Copy of Canberra 48h, 6h

2017Ewan Horsburgh72.180Kerry Smith60.638
2016John Pearson63.119Kerrie Bremner56.059

Event website
Race Director
Billy Pearce
Tel 0401 475 942