Bogong to Hotham

Bogong to Hotham

Where: Bogong to Hotham, Victorian alps. Starts at the Mountain Creek campground at the base of Mt Bogong, up the Staircase track to the summit of Bogong, down the other side to Big River and thence to the summit of Mt Hotham, via Warby’s corner, Langford Gap, Aquaduct Junction, Dibbin Hut, Derrick Hut and Mt Loch carpark.
Status: GPS-measured trail run of 64km with 42, 35 and 23km options. A selection race for those wishing to qualify for the Australian team to contest the world trail championships.
When: Next event is 8 January, 2017. Last event was 11 January 2015.
No. of finishers: 2004 – 9; 2005 – 27; 2006 – 55; 2007 – cancelled; 2008 – 58; 2009 – 65 (max); 2010 – 140; 2011 – 70; 2012 – course shortened mid-race due to extreme weather; 2013 – cancelled due to weather/fire risk
How long in existence: since 1984

Bogong to Hotham Results

2017Julian Spence6:37:05Gill Fowler8:59:21
2016Stu Gibson6:43:43Lucy Bartholomew7:48:42
2015Cancelled due to extremely wet weather
2014Stu Gibson6:44Beth Cardelli8:09
2013cancelled due to severe weather/fire risk
2012*Damon Goerke4:02:28*Beth Cardelli5:00:10*
2011Stu Gibson6:59:21Beth Cardelli8:14:27
2010John Winsbury7:20:32Beth Cardelli9:00:15
2009Damon Goerke7:35Nadine Kahler9:??
2008Tony Fattorini7:39Nadine Kahler9:22
2007cancelled due to bushfires
2006Magnus Michelsson7:01Tamsin Barnes11:26
2005David Criniti7:51Vanessa Havero9:30

*course shortened to 35km mid-race in 2012 due to extreme weather
Race records:
Male – Andrew Kromar 6:41:02 1996; Female – Beth Cardelli 8:09; 2014
Race Director: Andy Hewat, telephone 0421 040 700

Results 2008 2009 (unofficial) (official with splits) 2010  2011 with splits 2012 (short course due to extreme weather) 2014