Blackall 100 – Mapleton

Where: Mapleton, Sunshine Coast Queensland
Status: 100km trail.
When: Next race is 21 October 2017. Australian Long Trail Championships
Details: The Blackall 100 will take place over October 22nd/23rd 2015 on trails traversing the the Blackall Range, taking in the Sunshine Coast Great Walk.

With a primary 100km event, supported by a 50km event, the Blackall 100 will offer, for the first time, the opportunity for runners, walkers and hikers to participate in a large scale event taking in some of the most pristine trail in Queensland.

Along with the spectacular scenery, the event will offer up a personal challenge for all to take on, with the peace of mind and safety that Run Queensland prides itself on.
Participation: Entries limited to 500 places across all event types.
Winners in recent years:

Year male time female time
2016 Charlie Boyle 9:47:37 Shona Stephenson 11:57:21
2015 Troy Lethlean 10:16:47 Shona Stephenson 11:54:23
2014 Benjamin Gerhardy 10:42:31 Shona Stephenson 10:59:59
Year male time female time
2016 Scott Farrell 4:27:40 Amanda Kyneur 5:22:02
2015 Scott Farrell 4:38:51 Danielle Gage 5:09:13
2014 Matt Baker 4:43:06 Kirra Balmanno 5:20:33

Overall event records:
100km Male, Charlie Boyle 9:47:37 (2016); Female, Shona Stephenson 10:59:59 (2014)
50km Male, Scott Farrell 4:27:40 (2016); Female, Kirra Balmanno 5:20:33 (2014)

Race Director: Alun Davies email or telephone 0407 836 775

Website –

Results: 2014