Berry Long Run

Where: Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

Status: 70km trail event

The Lerderderg Track, apart from being a really fun word to say aloud, is the Southern most section of the Great Dividing Trail network. The course follows the official track from Swanns Rd/Lygett Lane, Myrniong at the start of the Blackwood Range Track, all the way to the town of Blackwood. The return route deviates for the first half, and then rejoins the outbound route at Mt Blackwood.

Entrants will pass through plenty of juicy forest, catch views of splendid vistas where gorge after gorge rolls away into the distance, negotiate awesome, highly runnable single track winding above the Lerderderg River on the way into Blackwood – a lovely, historic mining town that’ll transport you back in time. You will emerge from your efforts renewed and energised.

When: Next race is 12 August 2017. 12 hour cut-off

How long in existence: 2015 was the inaugural event.

Winners in recent years:

50km solo:
Year male time female time
2015 Stephen Rennick 6:16:10 Lucy Carter 7:51:35

Event Director: Joe Lewis email or telephone 0417 980 424

Results: 2015