Here are the results for Australian ultra running events published since the last Ultramag.

For more results, please visit the AURA results website.


Date Event AURA Listed Records Eligible Nat Champ
28/04/19 Convicts And Wenches (Narawntapu) 50 km Trail Race (50km trail) Y
22/04/19 Mt Helena 40 Miler (40mi trail)
14/04/19 Canberra 50km Ultramarathon (50km road) Y Y Y
14/04/19 6h Coburg Harriers Carnival (6h track) Y Y
14/04/19 Great Ocean Run 45 km (45km trail) Y
13/04/19 Buffalo Stampede Ultra SkyMarathon (75km trail)
13/04/19 24h Coburg Harriers Carnival (24h track) Y Y Y
13/04/19 12h Coburg Harriers Carnival (12h track) Y Y
12/04/19 Buffalo Stampede Ultra SkyMarathon – Grand Slam (127km stage)
07/04/19 Tamworth Trail Blazer (45km trail) Y
07/04/19 Mt Solitary 45 km Ultra Race (45km trail)
07/04/19 Mount Buller Sky Run 45km (45km trail)
07/04/19 Five Peaks Ultramarathon 58 km (58km trail)
07/04/19 3 Waters Running Festival 50 km Ultramarathon (50km road) Y
06/04/19 Jabulani Challenge 45km (45km trail)
05/04/19 Takayna Ultra (70km trail)
23/03/19 Trails & Ales Ultra 100km (100km trail) Y