AURA’s event sanctioning process is detailed in its policy (PL003 – event listing).

To apply for event listing, please complete FM003 – Event Listing Request.

Additional policies generally are available on the policies page of the website.

For discussion regarding sanctioning, please contact AURA’s compliance officer by email on

Additional contact details are available on the AURA contact us page if required.

Historic details

The details below are NOT current. They have been left on this page however for historic purposes only.

What race sanctioning (or recognition) by AURA means is that

  1. The races will be included in the AURA events calendar as published on the AURA website and in Ultramag. Events not sanctioned will not be included in our events calendar. Events shorter than ultras will not be included, unless attached to an ultra as a lesser option.
  2. The races will be similarly listed in the race calendar of the International Assocation of Ultrarunners (IAU), regardless of whether the event is IAU labelled. We assist with IAU labelling. IAU labelled events are measured road, track, or trail courses. Athletes wishing to qualify to represent Australia at an IAU World or Commonwealth championship should run their qualifier(s) at IAU labelled events. This allows for potential additional funding for travel to the competition.
  3. The races will count towards the AURA points competition. Events not listed in the AURA events calendar will not count towards this competition.
  4. The performances will count towards the selection of teams to contest the IAU Trail World Challenge, IAU 100km World Challenge and IAU 24 hour World Challenge events as well as Commonwealth Championships. Performances in non-sanctioned events are unlikely to be considered for purposes of Australian team selection.
  5. Sanctioned races are highlighted in the AURA monthly email newsletter.
  6. There will be a summary webpage provided, free of charge, similar to that at
  7. Top finishers from the race will be reported on the home page of the AURA website within 48 hours of them being furnished to us. Full results will be included in the race’s summary webpage.
  8. Full race results, photos, and an article (where a contributing author is found) will be published in Ultramag.
  9. Performances in measured races (road and track) will be included in the AURA year and all-time rankings lists and will be eligible for open and age group records.
  10. Events should make every effort to provide a discount for entry to AURA members. If a discount cannot be provided, a suitable rationale should be provided.

To be included in the race calendar, the event must carry approvals (where required) from police and from other state or municipal authorities.  If the RD is unable to furnish copies of the approvals and a certificate of currency for public liability insurance, the race will omitted from the calendar in subsequent years. It is also expected that the race will be conducted to a reasonable standard, with due consideration for aid stations, safety, and the like. Event management plans may be requested for review.

AURA is ready to assist in the gaining of any approvals. Our experience is that once approvals are in place then the gaining of approvals for subsequent editions of the event is easier. AURA can provide liability insurance for the race, where not already in place – see below.

The proposers of new races are asked to give consideration for potential conflicts with existing ones already sanctioned. Races can be added to the calendar during the year at short notice but it would be helpful if we could be provided with race dates for any given calendar year no later than towards the end of the preceding year. Existing races will be expected to use the same corresponding date for the following year where practicable. If a change to a race date does become necessary, please inform us as soon as possible.

Race directors are expected to not make statements or do any acts which would have the effect of bringing the sport into disrepute. For races to be sanctioned, race directors will not make any statements in a public forum or otherwise which will call into question the competence, integrity or reputation of AURA or any of its executive. AURA reserves the right to not accept races for inclusion in or to add races to its race calendar at its sole discretion. Likewise, it reserves the right to delist races from its calendar at its sole discretion without notice and without the need for furnishing any reasons therefor.

It is a requirement that AURA be furnished with complete and final results of races within 7 days of the race. These results must be in the requisite excel spreadsheet format required by the IAU and are to be forwarded to our results coordinator. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the race being deleted from the calendar. From a promotional point of view, it is essential that results and photos can be published promptly after an event.

In exchange for event sanctioning:

  1. Races are charged a flat fee of $100 per event for race listing.
  2. Liability insurance coverage is available on negotation with AURA. At December 2011, the rate was set at $120 for the first 100 competitors (or part thereof) plus $1.20 for each competitor beyond 100. This would include the issuance of a Certificate of Currency naming police, state parks and any other interested parties as may be required by the RD. The extent of the AURA cover is $20 million.
  3. We expect that the race director is an AURA member. The memberships fee payable by RD’s (if non-competing) is at a much lower rate than applies to full competing members.
  4. We expect that the race director would assist in making AURA promotional material available to race contestants (e.g., copies of Ultramag provided by AURA).
  5. Consideration that AURA be furnished with competitor information for our email database (firstname, lastname, email address). This information will not be passed on by AURA to third parties and naturally would need the consent of the race competitor. This could be done simply by inserting a clause to this effect into the race participation agreement.

On-line entry facilities are available with companies such as Register Now, which charges approximately $1.10 per entry plus 2.2% of the payment amount.

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