AURA is progressively adopting specific views and requirements in areas of its control and influence. As AURA positions are taken policies are being developed and will be made available publicly here.

For more detail of the process AURA is taking or to discuss the need for or content of an existing policy, please contact the AURA President per the details on the contact page.

Note that some documentation below is not yet formalised into an AURA policy, however will become so in due course.

Policies Forms
PL001 – International Team Selection World Championships

International Team Selection Asian Championships

Trail Team Selection (revised Feb 2019)

International Teams Athlete’s Agreement (Sep 2022)

PL002 – AURA National Championships
National Championship Application 2017 (.DOC)
National Championship Application 2017 (.PDF)
Australian Championships Application Form
PL004 – Media Promotion
PL005 – Points Score Competition (v.2018.02)
PL007 – Annual Awards
Hall of Fame Policy

Guidelines – Ultramag Contributions (2016)

Guideline on Youth Involvement in Ultra Running (V1; September 2012)

Guideline on Assistance to Athletes in Track and Road Events (V1; September 2012)

AURA Statement on Unofficial Events (7/11/2017)