16 JANUARY 2017

The Committee of Australian Ultra Runners’ Association has received a requisition for a Special General Meeting from ten current AURA members.  The ten members call for a Special General meeting be held “to consider a motion that AURA adopt a revised constitution as per that attached to this letter”

Under the current AURA Constitution, the AURA Committee is required to call a Special General Meeting when a requisition such as that outlined above is received. As such AURA hereby provides notice of a Special General Meeting of Australian Ultra Runners Association:

  • Date: Monday 16 January 2017
  • Time: 7;30pm
  • Place: Australian Ultra Runners’ Association Inc: Apartment 2014, 155 Franklin St Melbourne VIC 3000

The following is the business to be tabled at the Special General Meeting:

Special Resolution

1. that the existing constitution (rules) of the Association be repealed
2. that the draft rules as found at aura.asn.au/constitution-2017 be adopted as the constitution of the association.

Background Information

– The letter received from the ten members requesting the Special General Meeting states:

“We the undersigned hereby requisition a special general meeting of the Australian Ultra Runners Association Inc to consider a motion that AURA adopt a revised constitution as per that attached to this letter.

We believe this is necessary as the current constitution is significantly out of date, does not reflect many current processes and many of the rules are no longer relevant and  / or not followed by the Association.”

– The Officers of AURA agree with the ten members requisitioning the meeting in terms of the statements regarding the Association’s constitution, and endorse the draft new constitution as provided and as downloadable below.

– The Officers of AURA further endorse the motion as they believe:

– The current constitution does not meet the requirements of the Victorian Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

–  A number of the Rules in the current constitution do not reflect the current operational practices of the Association.