24 Hour Commonwealths


The IAU conducted 24 Commonwealth Championships in 2009 and 2011.  No future Commonwealth Championships are currently being planned.

Past events:

Details:The 2011 Commonwealth Championships were held in LLANDUDNO, Wales on 23-24 September 2011.

David Kennedy (WA)
Anth Courtney (NSW)
John Pearson (QLD)
Rick Cooke (Vic)
Jo Blake (NSW)

Meredith Quinlan (NSW)
Susannah Harvey-Jamieson (QLD)
Sharon Scholz (Vic)
Team Results:Mens Team: 660km, 3rd

Womens Team: 618km, 2nd
Individual Results:MEN:

David Kennedy, 236.1410km, 2nd
Anth Courtney, 219.7138km, 7th
John Pearson, 204.3133km, 13th
Rick Cooke, 189.9395km, 17th
Jo Blake, 171.4589km, 21st

Meredith Quinlan, 216.6337km, 3rd
Susannah Harvey-Jamieson, 204.3133km, 6th
Sharon Scholz, 187.1264km, 8th
Details:The 2009 Commonwealth Championships were held in Keswick, England on 23-24 September 2011.

Martin Fryer (ACT)
Jo Blake (NSW)
John Pearson (QLD)
Michael Lovric (QLD)
Mick Francis (WA)
Scott Orchard (Vic)

Susannah Harvey-Jamieson (QLD)
Meredith Quinlan (NSW)
Sharon Scholz (Vic)
Allison Lilley (NSW)
Deanne Nobbs (Vic)
Kerrie Bremner (ACT)
Team Results:Mens Team: 724km, 1st or 2nd (to be checked)

Womens Team: 597km, 2nd
Individual Results:MEN:

Martin Fryer, 254km, 1st
Jo Blake, 247km, 2nd
John Pearson, 223km, 7th
Michael Lovric, 201km, 14th
Mick Francis, 164km, 18th
Scott Orchard, 94km, 20th

Susannah Harvey-Jamieson, 205km, 3rd
Meredith Quinlan, 198km, 7th
Sharon Scholz, 194km, 8th
Allison Lilley, 185km, 12th
Deanne Nobbs, 182km, 14th
Kerrie Bremner, 121km, 21st.