The IAU conducted 100km Commonwealth Championships in 2009.  No future Commonwealth Championships are currently being planned.

Past events:

Details:The 2009 100km Commonwealth Championships were held in Keswick, United Kingdom on 23-24 September 2009.

There were 31 finishers (19 male, 12 female). The male winner was Jeremy Bragg (ENG) in 7:04:01. The female winner was Jackie Fairweather (AUS) with a time of 7:41:23.

This was the first time a Commonwealth Championships 100km event has been undertaken. There are currently no plans for more events in future (at Feb 2017).

For full results, try this link on the DUV stats site HERE

Team Manager:
Robert Boyce (Vic)

Baldock, Michael
Bell, Terence
Cochrane, Timothy
Davies, Brendan

Fairweather, Jackie
Pivetta, Caroline
Individual Results:MEN:

Bell, Terence - 7:16:56, 4th
Cochrane, Timothy - 7:20:49, 5th
Davies, Brendan - 7:31:15, 9th
Baldock, Michael - 7:51:07, 15th


Fairweather, Jackie - 7:41:23 (1F)
Pivetta, Caroline - 9:04:02 (8F)
Team Results:MEN:

England 1st
Australia 2nd
Scotland 3rd


England 1st
Canada 2nd