Author: Kate Dzienis

Boyd energised, thrilled for Boundiful 24hr

Contributed by Marie Boyd, AURA Member The Boundiful 3/6/12/24 Hour Ultra and Relay Endurance Run is held in the USA in an orchard near Hemet, California and this year it was held on November 3. There was a one mile USATF certified loop, dirt road, 50’ gain and loss per lap with accurate timing by Lambert Timmermans, Negative Split racing, and Jean Ho his trusty sidekick. Over 100 runners gathered in the orchard. Heat climbed into the 90s F (30s C) in the afternoon with many runners feeling the double whammy of heat exhaustion and blisters due in part to the...

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Adelaide 6 Day takes the sleep, but Wilms completes race

Contributed by Tony Wilms, AURA member Nineteen runners took part in the Adelaide 6 Day Race, the first in Australia since 2014, which took place at Thorndon Park from September 30 to October 6, 2018. A great field showed up with a good mix of new and experienced faces including John Timms who turned 76 the day before the run. Darren Linney set the early pace, followed by Annabel Hepworth. The course was concrete with some besser pavers in one spot. In the daylight hours there was a small but noticeable hill and it didn’t seem as bad in...

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A windy ultra in Scotland doesn’t deter Lowe

Contributed by Ryan Lowe, AURA member On Monday, September 10 of this year, myself along with my training partner and team mate Dom Perry departed Sydney en route to the World Sky Running Championships in Kinlochleven, Scotland. Here, I was to run in the Solomon Ben Nevis Ultra, an ultra which covers a distance of 52kms and features a total elevation gain of 4000m, and Dom was racing in the Solomon Ring of Steel. Before our respective races though we managed to squeeze in a spot of sightseeing. First stop, Edinburgh. We spent a day here walking around the...

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Millum conquers gruelling Feral Pig

Contributed by Jen Millum, 1st Female at Feral Pig Ultra (WA), 100 Mile As I think back to the November 3 Feral Pig Ultra race (100 Miler), a sneaky tear pops out of my eye, because I’m hugely emotional and still physically drained even after almost one month. The morning started with me losing my bib and race director Shaun Kaesler telling me to get off the bus and go find it! Once all was organised and I’d found my bib, we kicked off the race at midnight, but it wasn’t long before I took a wrong turn at...

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Rhabdomyolysis – A Big Word With An Ugly Meaning for Ultra Runners

By Elizabeth Bennett Rhabdomyolysis is a serious medical condition in which muscle breakdown occurs either as a result of direct injury to the muscle(s) or from strenuous over exertion of the muscle(s) in extreme circumstances. In the case of ultra running, it is the latter cause that is most likely to result in rhabdomyolysis, although extreme downhill running may increase the risk of direct muscle injury being a causal factor. Rhabdomyolysis muscle breakdown involves the contents of skeletal muscle – in particular creatine kinase (CK) and myoglobin – entering the body’s bloodstream and having a toxic effect leading to...

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