AURA Australian Championships Hosting Application
Event organisers are invited to apply to host AURA Australian Championships in 2022.

Applications open 25th October 2021 and close 19th November. Successful applicants will be announced on 23rd November.

Favourable factors influencing the awarding of the championships include:

  • Location (ease of access for AURA members to reach the event)
  • Time of year (weather for running; whether the event conflicts with known world championship events)
  • Size of venue (ability to host adequate number of participants without congestion on the course)
  • Benefits to AURA members (e.g., discounted entry, online entry)
  • Provision of a suitable timing system for the type and size of event
  • Events/race directors with a known history
  • Events with promotional capacity (e.g., internet presence such as website, Facebook page on race day live race updates)
It is mandatory the applicant be a current AURA member
Apply for event listing at
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Australian Championships Requirements

  • Follow any and all published listing requirements and AURA/IAU guidelines for road, track and trail events. (In relation to pacing and crewing at track events).
  • Road and track events must be IAU-labelled events
  • Furnish results in the requisite format to AURA within a week of the event
  • Display and distribute AURA promotional material, and if requested provide covered facilities for AURA at prerace activities such as expo, and at race start and finish to allow for promotional activities.
  • Provide discount on event entry fee to AURA members
  • The event organiser also will make available one volunteer dedicated solely to provide race updates to the AURA Facebook page, including final results as soon as known