The “AURA Ultra Performance Of The Year Award” is now open for voting by AURA Members.  Nominations were received from 1 January, and these were short listed to the top five nominations as judged by the AURA Committee. The “AURA Ultra Performance Of The Year Award” will be announced on Australia Day.

The winner receives a $300 voucher from Hoka Australia, plus a few shirts. The prize may be used by a crew / support person if the winner so wishes.


Nomination 1: Mick Thwaites, Badwater 2016


Badwater is renowned as the toughest footrace on Earth. In 2016 Mick competed in the race for the second time, improving his PB by 2.5 hours, and finishing third, with the fastest time ever by an Australian runner.

Nomination 2: Kirstin Bull, 100km World Championships 2016


Winner of the World 100K Champs is a landmark achievement for Australian Ultrarunning in a very competitive category of racing. A new Women’s Australian 100K record as well.

Nomination 3 Brendan Davies, 100km World Championships 2016


Brendan ran a big PB, a very fast time and finished in a strong 10th position within a world class field, nothing more needs to be said!

Nomination 4: Andy Turner, Jungle Marathon Ultra Brazil 2016


Andy was the first Australian to ever win this race, rumoured to be the toughest of it’s kind in the world (multi day self sufficient ultra).  A doco of the race; He was supposed to race this in 2015 but became incredibly sick with a malaria type illness. 2016 was his year.

Nomination 5: Mick Thwaites, Canberra 48 Hour 2016


Mick Thwaites ran 413K.059km in the CBR 48Hr in March 2016. This performance was the best 48Hr performance in the world over the last 4+ years. It also placed Mick 3rd on the all time Australian 48Hr rankings list.

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