The “AURA Ultra Performance Of The Year” will select the most outstanding performance or milestone achieved by an AURA member in 2020.

The concept of the Award is that nominations for worthy potential recipients will be sought from the existing AURA membership base. The AURA Committee will then short list these submissions to the five performances it believes have most significant merit. These five performances will then be voted on by the AURA membership base.

Nomination Form

AURA Ultra Performance Of the Year Award 2020
Please include any statistics such as records that support the nomination

Rules and Process

  • AURA members nominating performances should provide an accurate and truthful outline of the nominated performance. The same AURA Member may nominate more than one performance.
  • The event must have finished in the calendar year of the award. This particularly relates to performances at “Across the Years”
  • Ultra Performances or Milestones are not restricted to AURA events and any achievement that incorporates ultra running may be considered. Performances at Australian or International events / locations qualify. Potential nominations may include but are not limited to:
    • Breaking of a world or national record
    • Completion of a significant multi day run such as trans Australia
    • High level performance at an overseas event such as Hard Rock, MDS, Badwater etc
    • The achievement of a milestone number completions of the same event
    • Performance at a World Championships event
    • Breaking a record at an Australian Ultra Running event
  • The person nominated for achieving the nominated performance must have been a member of AURA at the time of the performance
  • The person submitting the nomination must be an AURA member at the time of making the nomination
  • People voting for the short listed nominations must be an AURA member. Only one vote per member is permitted.
  • AURA members will vote on the short listed performances by ranking them in order from 1 to 5, 1 being the performance they see as being most worthy of winning. Points will be allocated as follows:
    • Each number 1 ranking will receive 5 votes
    • Each number 2 ranking will receive 4 votes
    • Each number 3 ranking will receive 3 votes
    • Each number 4 ranking will receive 2 votes
    • Each number 5 ranking will receive 1 vote
  • The performance with the most points in total will be declared “AURA’s Ultra Performance of The Year”
  • The voting process will be through an online form found on the AURA website.
  • Nominations open Monday 1 February 2021 and close Sunday 7 February.
  • The AURA Committee will select the five short listed nominations by Tuesday 9 February.
  • Voting will commence through an online form on the AURA website on Wed 10 February and will close at 11:59pm Tuesday 16 February.
  • The winner of the 2020 “AURA Ultra Performance of the Year Award” will be announced on Wednesday 17 February.