The Australian Ultra Runners’ Association (AURA) is proud to release its strategic plan that will underpin the development and growth of our organisation and sport to 2022 and beyond.
To facilitate strategy the AURA Executive Committee met on 11 August 2017 to outline a framework for the development of the strategy. It was agreed the strategy would address a number of key areas:

  • Increase awareness in the sport of Ultra Running and expanding the AURA membership base through addressing the membership value proposition
  • Providing assistance and support for event organisers to provide sustainable ultra running events
  • Investigation of funding opportunities outside of current revenue streams
  • Provide initiatives and pathways to improve the performance of Australian athletes in sanctioned international competition
  • Provide leadership in terms of governance for the sport of ultra running and member well being while ensuring AURA provides equity to all members of our society that wishes to participate in the sport of ultra running.

Online research of AURA members, non members, race organisers and elite athletes was undertaken to ascertain prevailing attitudes and set benchmarks.

Sub committees comprising volunteer AURA members were then setup to address each of the key strategic areas. The input and findings of these subcommittees has been invaluable in the development of this strategic plan document.

Ultra running in Australia is a sport witnessing significant growth in participants year on year. This growth provides exciting opportunities, as well as some significant challenges.

This plan aims to ensure the interests and well being of internal stakeholders such as our member runners and race organisers as well as external stakeholders such as affiliated sporting bodies, Government organisations, land owners and more are considered and protected.

The Strategic Plan Document can be downloaded here.