It has been brought to AURA’s attention a number of unofficial ultra running events without necessary Government approvals being in place are occurring and / or are planned to take place.

AURA supports the concept of unofficial semi organised group runs, they are an integral and enjoyable part of our sport and indeed some of our most popular official AURA events started in exactly this way. It is not something we wish to discourage.

What we have seen though are some unofficial events being held on Government controlled parks involving a large number of participants, and being held on a regular (annual) basis.

As well, long distance multiday ultra running races along significant public roads are being openly discussed on social media platforms.

AURA wishes to advise both participants and event organisers of such events that as well as potential legal action from Government instrumentalities, such unapproved events have potential significant public liability and personal liability implications given no insurance is in place. More importantly, the lack of official oversight of normal risk mitigation strategies may make these events more dangerous to participants than would otherwise be the case, as well as have safety implications for the public at large.

For many unofficial events having the necessary approvals and insurance in place need not necessarily be a difficult or expensive exercise, and AURA is more than happy to assist event organisers with advice on the normal processes involved. Please contact


7 November 2017