Updated 6:40pm EDST 23 November 2018

Following our earlier statement released this morning regarding the potentially dangerous conditions at the Alpine Challenge event being held tomorrow, we have now received further advice from parties monitoring the weather situation throughout the day.

The advice received includes the following:

“The weather doesn’t seem to have appreciably improved and the snowfall seems considerable. Viewing the snow cams at Falls Creek and Mt Hotham, there appears to be considerable fog descending on the alpine area and that is a major concern.”

“are taking into consideration the serious difficulty navigation will present on snow in a whiteout. Many participants have likely never run on snow, let alone at night or in a whiteout.“


“seeing the deteriorating conditions, I feel that regardless of the rerouting of the course, the risks are becoming overwhelming.”

Based on this information, AURA recommends that all participants seriously reconsider their participation in the event given the potentially significantly dangerous conditions.

23 November 2018

AURA last night received advice regarding the potentially treacherous conditions at the Alpine Challenge event being held this weekend and serious concerns for the safety of competitors.

While Alpine Challenge is not an AURA listed event, we wrote to the race director highlighting our concerns, and have in the early hours of this morning received a positive and supportive response outlining proposed actions and changes to the race.

While AURA is not able to judge the appropriateness of any changes to the event, we are confident the race organisers are proactively implementing strategies to mitigate risks.

AURA would like to remind its members participating in the race, as well as well as all race entrants that they are ultimately responsible for their own actions and decisions regarding their participation in events experiencing potentially treacherous conditions and to be conscious of their personal limitations and the potential severity of the conditions they are facing.

Be safe everyone.