We held AURA’s AGM remotely on Tuesday 24th May 2022. I am happy to announce the following committee positions have been re-elected:

President: Ewan Horsburgh
Vice President: Matthew Eckford
Secretary: Stephen Redfern
Treasurer: Simone Hayes

The following members have volunteered for roles as state reps.
QLD: Dan Symonds
SA: Chris Glacken, Dawn Parks
ACT: Martin Fryer, Allicia Heron
NSW: Jane Trumper, Kevin Heaton
VIC: Nikki Wynd, Isobel Ross
WA: Julia Mackay
TAS: John Claridge

We had a good turnout of members live on the call and enough proxies to form a quorum. The committee gave an update of the year including annual report highlights and a financial report. Following the elections, the floor was open for a discussion with the attending members.

A highlight of the AGM was the inclusion of Martin Fryer into the AURA Hall of Fame. Martin is an Australian Ultra living legend setting numerous distance records throughout his domestic and international career. He has represented Australia in 24hr championships numerous times, dating all the way back to 2006. He is well known to the community through his racing, coaching, his longtime association and work with AURA.

I would like to say thanks to all the 2021 volunteers that fill the roles outside of the committee. Alexis Oosterhoff has been managing the website and results, Tia Jones looking after records, John Yoon looking after member requests, Dan Symonds on merchandise, and all our team selectors and state reps.

To my fellow committee members, it is great to have such a positive and strong team to work alongside. Thanks for all your hard work and support of the members, community and myself.

Here’s to a great year of running and racing ultras. 

Ewan Horsburgh