The “AURA Ultra Performance Of The Year Award” is now open for voting by AURA Members.  Nominations were received from 1 January, and these were short listed to the top six nominations as judged by the AURA Committee. The “AURA Ultra Performance Of The Year Award” will be announced on Australia Day.

Nomination 1: Annabel Hepworth Adelaide 6 day

Nomination: Running the furthest distance for 6 day event in the world for the year for a female (742.8km).

Nomination 2: Mick Thwaites, Balatonfured 6 Day Hungary

Nomination: 837 kms in his first 6 dayer. Won the race and completed several milestones during it. Third furthest male distance over 6 days in the world in 2018

Nomination 3 Tia Jones, World 100km Champs & Asia 24 Hour Champs

Nomination: Amazing performance by Tia Jones making it onto both the 100k and 24hr Australian teams to compete at both the worlds and Asia championships
Also for her accomplishments at both the events. Watching Tia dig deep to try to hold onto the 1st position for most of the 24hr event only to fall to a fantastic 2nd place by only 1km in the dying stages, and still managing to break her own Aust AG record for the 24hr with her total distance of 218km

Nomination 4: Larissa Tichon, Comrades Marathon

Nomination: Larissa this year ran the 90km Down Run of the iconic and arguably the most competitive Road ultramarathon in the World, Comrades in South Africa.

At her first attempt, she ran 7:22:08 to finish 21st overall female and earn a Silver Medal. I believe that this is the second fastest time for an Australian woman in either an up or down run.

The significance of these results would only be truly known by those that have participated in Comrades.

Nomination 5: Brendan Davies, 100km World Championships

Nomination: Whilst on paper not his best time, I think this performance is worthy of recognition and nomination of the Performance of the Year. In a race of very tough conditions, as the last man standing, Brendan displayed true team spirit each time passing the Aussie women and encouraging them. He showed what it is like to truly zone out of the external factors, be a superb team player, and run an exceptional race all at the same time.

Nomination 6: Meredith Quinlan, Hong Kong 4 Trails

Nomination:  Female winner and new female course record holder (66.50) of the Hong Kong 4 Trails 2018. 298km race with over 14500 m elevation and self supported whilst on the trails. Runners must break 60 hours to be a finisher or 75 hours to be a survivor. Participants must also get themselves between the trails and the clock doesn’t stop. It has only been the last two years that anyone has broken 60 hours. No female has yet broken 60 hours. Locals have a significant advantage as the race is not marked and the trails are run in the reverse of their official direction. This was Meredith’s first attempt and she took many by surprise by not only being the first female but smashing the previous female course record. Especially significant as it was a hot year and many participants didn’t even make it through the first 100km trail.

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