The next 6 months will be exciting as we have three IAU Championships on the calendar which all offer opportunities for our members to potentially qualify to represent Australia at these events.

The three championships are:

50km World Championships in Hyderabad, India on the 5th November, 2023

24 Hour World Championships in Taipei, 2nd December, 2023

24 Asian Oceania Championships in Canberra, ACT, 6th April, 2024 (#24in24)


Currently these are the final events remaining on the calendar for athletes to qualify for these championships:

BUTTER 24 Hour – 2-4th June, 2023

Southern Sydney 24 Hour – 11th-12th June, 2023

Australian 24 Hour Track Invitational – 1-2nd July 2023

Here is the list of our current members that have current qualifiers at this point and their rankings:

Womens 24 Hour

  1. Cassie Cohen 214km
  2. Maree Conner 212km
  3. Allicia-Grace Heron 210km
  4. Chrissy Redwood 206km
  5. Amanda Pavey 202km

Mens 24 Hour

  1. Phil Gore 250km
  2. John Yoon 242km
  3. Kevin Muller 240km
  4. Kay Bretz 236km
  5. Matthew Griggs 234km
  6. Joe Ward 230km

Mens 50km

  1. Wayne Spies 2:59
  2. Grant Schmidlechner 3:02

Women’s 50km

  1. Jacqui Kellerman 3:38
  2. Kirstin Bull 3:35
  3. Nicola Bowker 3:38
  4. Margie Hadley 3:42

There are other top performances that could be added to both of these lists but the runners are not members. Please reach out if you would like to renew your membership or join and be considered as we would love to add you to this list!

So these are the current top rankings – the carrot has been dangled! If you wish to don the yellow and green at these upcoming championships you have only 3 events left to fight your way into the top 6 and apply for selection!

The AURA committee want to be really transparent and encourage you all to know where you stand and what is required and we know that we have some amazing runners out there and encourage you all to reach your potential.