The IAU conducted the inaugural 24 Hour Asian Championships in 2016, and have announced that the 2018 event will be held in Soochow, Chinese Taipei on December 1st.  AURA will select a team to represent Australia at this event, with applications opening on 16th July and closing August 14th, 2018.

AURA will continued to select teams to represent Australia at future 24 Hour Asian Championships.  AURA has a desire to send both a large team and a strong team. Details of future championships and the selection process will be available from this page via documents linked below.

To be considered for selection in general, qualifying standard must be met.  Standards may vary for each event.  Historically, the primary standard has been 240 km for men and 220 km for women. Athletes who have achieved performances in the range of 220km for men and 200km for women are encouraged to apply.

The principal qualifying events in Australia are the Canberra 48 Hour held in March, the Coburg 24 hr held in April, the Sri Chinmoy 24hr held in June, the Adelaide 24 hour and Caboolture 24 hour held in July,  and the Track Ultra WA 24 hour held in August. Overseas events may be considered for qualifying.  Immediately past World Championship events are always valid for qualifying purposes.

The 2016 Asian 24hr World Championships were held in Chinese Taipei on November 19th-20th in the city of Kaohsiung.


Team selection criteria

Asian 24 Hour Championships Information Sheet (previous event, 2016)


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Details:The 2016 Asia / Oceania 24 Hour Championships were held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 19 - 20 November 2016.

Whilst the championships did not attract a large number of entrants, the performances by Australian representatives were outstanding.

Both the mens and womens teams secured team gold medals for their efforts in what were oppressive, hot and humid conditions. The men managed 667km whilst the women managed 602km. In each case they were well ahead of the second placed Chinese Taipei.

Loveday, Barry
Pearson, John
Cooke, Rick
Eckford, Matthew

Wynd, Nikki
Barker, Nicole
Scholz, Sharon
Oborne, Jodie
Team Results:Mens Team: 667km, 1st

Womens Team: 602km, 1st
Individual Results:MEN:

1st - Loveday, Barry 235.868km
3rd - Pearson, John 224.849km
5th - Cooke, Rick 206.528km
10th - Eckford, Matthew 176.75km

1st - Wynd, Nikki 209.497km
2nd - Barker, Nicole 205.995km
3rd - Scholz, Sharon 189.173km
8th - Oborne, Jodie 133.000km