The Australian 24 Hour Team participated at the World 24 Hour Championships conducted in Belfast Northern Ireland on 1 July 2017. All team members ran their heart out for their country, however ultra running can be a cruel sport, with two of the four women’s team and three of the five men’s team members experiencing issues with injuries through the race.

The women’s team finished 11th and the men’s team 12th.

24th NICOLE BARKER 218.480km
29th NIKKI EADIE 214.317km
69th JODIE OBORNE 181.571km
117th SHARON SCHOLZ 113.988km

29th EWAN HORSBURGH 240.44km
40th KEVIN MULLER 229.66km
84th JOHN PEARSON 203.20km
97th MATTHEW ECKFORD 191.63km
113th MICK THWAITES 180.48km