AURA is pleased to announce your Australian team of representatives for the 2022 Asia & Oceania 24 Hour Track Championships, being held in Bengaluru, India, on the 2nd July, 2022.


Stephen Redfern

Stephen Redfern (Captain) – This is Stephen’s 3rd time representing Australia in 24 Hour racing. He brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team and will be a great asset to have on a team of new representative runners. 

Matthew Griggs – This is Matt’s first time representing Australia and comes into the team with an ‘A’ Qualifier after running 244.087kms in last years Canberra 48hour. Matt has come from a road walking background, winning the Australian 50km championships in 2016. He also has experience running trails, but another that has turned his attention to the track of late. Matt has had some great success in the past two years on the track and we look forward to seeing him perform well in India. 

Joe Ward – Another first timer to represent Australia, Joe also comes in with an ‘A’ qualifier running 242.6km and winning the Southern Sydney 24 Hour Ultra last June. Joe has also has some great results on the track of late, winning the Australian 24 Hour Track Invitational in 2020 and the 12 hour in Canberra this year amongst other great results, one recent one being the winner of the 2021 Coast 2 Kosciusko 240km. After many years on the trails, being a repeat offender and winner of GNW100miler, he seems to have turned his attention to the track. We wish him the best of luck. 

Dan Symonds – This is Dan’s 2nd time representing the 24 Hour Australian team after his debut in Albi in 2019. Dan’s place on the team was secured by his ‘B’ qualifier last June at the Southern Sydney 24 Hour Ultra with a 2nd place with 237km. Dan performs well at many distances from 5km to 48 hour so we are looking forward to seeing him run in India. 


Nikki Wynd

Nikki Wynd (Captain) – By far our most experienced team member, Nikki is embarking on her 7th 24 hour track championships and is well placed to lead this team of new representative female runners. With too many great results to list here, we’ll just do a few; Winner Badwater Ultramarathon USA, 2 x Coast 2 Kosci Winner as well as 2nd  place, winner Oscars 100 Hut 2 Hut 2020, Winner Canberra 48hour 2016 and current 48hour record holder W40. The list goes on for both track and trail as well as road ultras. We are excited to have Nikki on the team again!

Cassie Cohen – This is Cassie’s first time representing Australia after gaining a ‘C’ qualifier in her 24 Hour debut in Canberra in March with 204.923km. Cassie has been going from strength to strength the past 18th months. She most recently ran in Coast2 Kosci 240km in a time of 36h20m and 9th female, being the youngest person to participate in the event. She placed 1st in the Gumby (LOS format) with 160.920km last year. We wish Cassie all the best for her representative debut. 

Allicia Heron – Allicia also gained a ‘C’ qualifier at Canberra in March, however was running in the 48hour. She clocked 204.909km and then proceeded to run a 329.392 in the 48hour, winning her the AURA Australian National 48hour Championship and also gaining her a W35 48hour record. Allicia has won each event she has entered in 2021 & 2022, with distances ranging from 50km to 48 hours on both track and trail. We are looking forward to seeing her run in India for her Australian debut.