Month: November 2018

Get to know your 24hr Asia & Oceania Championships Team – Sharon Scholz

From an early childhood, Sharon Scholz had an interest in sport. She rode horses and competed in dressage and one-day events following in her parents’ footsteps in the horse industry. Scholz also went on to play netball in early high school and occasionally competed in social netball and volleyball competitions throughout her late teens and early 20s. But it wasn’t until 2006 that Scholz, along with husband Justin, decided to change her lifestyle to reduce stress and improve fitness, health and overall well-being, so in 2007 the couple each took their first steps as runners and they haven’t looked...

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Get to know your 24hr Asia & Oceania Championships Team – Ewan Horsburgh

It’s not boring running around a race track for 24-hours when you’re surrounded by friends and family, according to Ewan Horsburgh, who is a firm believer in team work to find success. The 41-year-old from St Ives Chase, NSW started running fairly early in life, having discovered a passion for the sport while participating in little athletics, crossing country, and trail running with his dad. But it was the ‘bad crowd’ which had the most influence. “At school, I enjoyed cross country and ran middle distance athletics representing the school every year at the CAS,” he recaps. “After that...

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Get to know your 24hr Asia & Oceania Championships Team – Nikki Wynd

It was the Oxfam Trailwalker back in 2008 that set off Nikki Wynd’s love for ultra running. She joined her local gym at the tender young age of 12 having always been quite an active child, and played state level tennis and basketball as a teenager. She even threw in a marathon in her 20s, ‘just for fun’, but never really ran much after that. Now 46, the Lysterfield (Vic) resident reveals that back in 2008 she participated in the Oxfam event with a group of her gym friends, and they all finished in 15 hours. “Two years later,...

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Get to know your 24hr Asia & Oceania Championships Team – Matthew Eckford

Sports of all types seem to be a background for many of our ultra runners in Australia, and Matthew Eckford from Wights Mountain, Qld shapes from one particular sport not many may have started out from. The 38-year-old had competed in mixed martial arts and boxing for a number of years before trying his hand (or legs, so to speak) at running. “Neck injuries sadly caused me to stop practising my sport, and I had to look for something else to do,” he explains. “I’d always enjoyed running long distance instead of short, and so started in 2011 with...

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Get to know your 24hr Asia & Oceania Championships Team – Stephen Redfern

Forty-six year old Stephen Redfern jumped into ultra running fairly quickly, having started (as it would with hundreds of other people) with the aim of completing his first half marathon just over four years ago. Amazingly, he reached that goal four to six months after starting the sport, and it was after the Sydney Marathon that a good friend of his convinced him to enter his first 100k – the Hume & Hovell 100. “It was terrifying, especially considering I hadn’t run over 42.2k at that point,” he recalls. “But it was enjoyable, and from there is where my...

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