Month: August 2018

Event Results Jul-Aug 2018

Here are the results for Australian ultra running events published since the last Ultramag. For more results, please visit the AURA results website. Date Event AURA Listed Records Eligible Nat Champ 19/08/18 Run the Great Whitsunday Trail (57km trail) Y 18/08/18 Rotary Trail Run (56km trail) Y 17/08/18 Run Larapinta – Malbunka stage race (136km stage) 12/08/18 Waterfall Trail Runs (50km trail) 11/08/18 Track Ultra WA 6h (6h track) Y Y 11/08/18 Track Ultra WA 24h (24h track) Y Y 11/08/18 Track Ultra WA 12h (12h track) Y Y 05/08/18 Truth Or Consequences (50km Ultra) (50km trail) 05/08/18 Peaks and Trails (50km trail) 29/07/18 Yaberoo Trail Ultra (50km trail) Y 29/07/18 Glasshouse Flinders Tour 50 km (50km trail) 29/07/18 Federation Ultra Trail (50km trail) 28/07/18 Riverwood Downs Trail Run (55km trail) 22/07/18 You Yangs 50 km (50km trail) 22/07/18 You Yangs 100 km (100km trail) 21/07/18 You Yangs 100 Mile (100mi trail) 21/07/18 Elephant Trail Race 50 km (50km trail) 21/07/18 Elephant Trail Race 100 km (100km trail) 21/07/18 Elephant Trail Race 100 mi (100mi trail)  ...

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From the VP (Aug ’18)

32 Years of AURA magazines now online Back in October 2017, I came up with the idea to capture the history of AURA by digitising all of the association’s newsletters  published between 1986 and 2017. Elizabeth Bennett introduced me to Kevin Cassidy who was kind enough to send his collection with me, and the work to scan the magazines began in earnest with the first few completed and put online within a week. I ran into some challenges with the scanner I’d been using at work, so after some research, the committee agreed to fund the purchase of a specialised “overhead” scanning unit (a Fujitsu SV600). This allowed scanning the magazines two pages at a time without removing the staples, and included software that was meant to remove distortions. I resumed scanning, and things went well initially, before I became frustrated by some minor imperfections that the unit couldn’t deal with. This led to several months of going crazy while I tried a different methods, such as holding down the edges of the pages with my thumb (and subsequently trying to remove my thumb from each scan!) and then purchasing a few different types of glass to hold the pages flat. In the end, I experimented again with the scanner at work, and came up with a system that allowed me to scan the magazines in relatively quick time. After scanning,...

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Hill’s lead up to Croatia

This week we got to chat with Australian 100k World Championships team member Darryl Hill, who gave us an update on how his training has been going in the lead up to Croatia on September 8, and how he’s feeling. DARRYL HILL: Overall the last couple of months training has gone wonderfully. Despite a lacklustre… This content is for AURA members only.Log In...

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Get to know your 100k World team – Margie Hadley

WA has a secret weapon in the ultra world…and her name’s Margie Hadley. She’s been claiming podium after podium after podium…we could go on, really. If there’s anyone out there who has committed themselves 110% to succeed in their chosen sport, and then it take it even further by being more than willing to share her knowledge… This content is for AURA members only.Log In...

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Get to know your 100k World team – Gary Mullins

Most of the time, young children dream about far away fantasy places, talk about wanting to be vets or astronauts when they grow up, or are happier than pigs in mud playing cricket or footy on the quiet cul-de-sac where their house sits. Not Gary Mullins. As a youngster, he was always drawn to the… This content is for AURA members only.Log In...

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