Month: January 2018

2017 AURA Award Winners Announced

AURA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 AURA Awards. Australian Female Ultra Runner of the Year For outstanding single or collective performances by a female. The winner of this award was named Tia Jones, who smashed numerous records throughout 2017. Included in her repertoire was the 10th best distance in the world for a 12-hour (128.689kms/Aust W50 record) set at Canberra 12 Hour on March 18; Aust W50 record of 200kms of 22:26:21 at 24-hour race in Adelaide on July 9; Aust W50 100-mile record of 16:52:31 at 24-hour race in Adelaide on July 9; Aust W50 24-hour record of...

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From the Editor’s Desk (January)

There’s been so much talk. So much amongst runners in the ultra community about the future of our sport, and how quickly it’s gaining ground here in Australia, I deemed it only fair that the topic should be highlighted in some way, shape or form. In this month’s edition of Ultramag, I had the opportunity to speak yet again with elite athlete Bernadette Benson about her tremendous win at the Australia Day Ultra 100kms race almost a fortnight ago. I’d spoken to her a few times previously in my capacity as a news journalist, and she’s one of the...

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Event Results Dec 17 – Jan 18

Here are the results for AURA-listed events published since the last Ultramag. For more results, please visit the AURA results website. Date Event AURA Records Eligible Nat Champ 2018  20.01.2018 Australia Day Ultra 100 Km (100km road) Y Y Australia Day Ultra 100 Km – 50km Split (50km road) Y Y Australia Day Ultra 50 Km (50km road) Y Y 14.01.2018 Two Bays 56 km Trail Run (56km trail) Y Y 07.01.2018 Bogong to Hotham (64km trail) 06.01.2018 Narrabeen Allnighter 12 hours Trail (12h trail) Y 2017 31.12.2017 New Years Eve Rock around the Clock 6hr (6h road) 17.12.2017...

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Records and Rankings 2017

By Jodie Oborne, AURA Vice President and Records/Ranking Officer There were again several outstanding achievements by Australian ultra runners at local events and internationally throughout the year in 2017. But the number of record applications is down on previous years. This could be due to the fact that the major World Championship events are now biannually with only two major World Championships conducted in 2017. The 24 Hour held in Belfast, Northern Ireland on July 1 and 2, and the Trail World Championships on June 9 and 10. The rankings are a good guide for those seeking selection, and the competition in some events is quite fierce. It’s a great time for ultra running in Australia. A current list of rankings can be found on the AURA website. A number of notable performances were achieved at the Adelaide 24 Hour in the past few years and 2017 was no exception. In 2016, Tia Jones ran a fast 100kms in the 12-hour event to secure a place in the 100kms World Championships team later that year. In 2017, she returned in her debut over 24-hour and pulled off another significant performance. In Adelaide, Tia claimed records for the 100 miles (16:52:31), 200kms (22:26:21), and 24 hours (210.648kms). While no open records were broken in 2017, Tia achieved a World Age Best Performance at her final event of the year, a 6-hour...

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2017 Ultra Running Statistics

Using the data recorded in AURA’s results database, the following information about Australian Ultra Running races was compiled. Events There were a total of 140 individual races recorded during 2017: 111 were distance based, 29 were timed Of the 140 individual races  105 were listed by AURA. Broken down by state: VIC: 41 QLD: 30 WA: 22 NSW: 21 SA: 14 ACT: 6 TAS: 5 NT: 1 Participation There were a total of 9,018 individual performances, of which 2,986 (33%) were by women There were 6,467 unique people who participated, of which 2,185 (34%) were women Participation by distance: under 60km:  5,845 60km-85km:  704 85km-105km: 1,959 105km-180km: 371 180km+: 139 Other stats A total of 631,189km was covered in these races , 200,095km ( 32%) by women. The longest individual distances were run by Mick Thwaites (404.560km) and Susan Keith (316.077km) in the Canberra 48h The longest individual completion times were by Zoe van Middeldyk and Christopher MacLean in the GSER 100mi The further distance covered over multiple races was by Kevin Muller (1647.204km) and Cheryl Symons (1362.523km). The most time spent participating over multiple races was by Cheryl Symons (8d:15h:4m) and Kevin Muller (8d:1h:31m)    ...

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