Month: December 2017

6 Inch Race Director’s Report

Contributed by David Kennedy, Race Direcctor, 6 Inch 6 Inch Trail Marathon (actually 47kms) started on Sunday, December 17 with wintry weather and more rain than in any of the previous 12 editions. A hot field was assembled for both the women’s and men’s race and they did not disappoint with course records in both… This content is for AURA members only.Log In...

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From the Editor’s Desk (December)

Well, that’s a wrap for 2017! Although having only been in the editor role for three months, putting together everyone’s stories and keeping track of all the AURA-listed events as well as the efforts put in by all members, it has truly been an impressive time to cap off the year. This month in Beat the Mental Block in a Lap Course, I spoke with sports psychologist Graziella Thake about how to get through those barriers when racing in a lap ultra. And although there are plenty of you out there who have been running long distance a lot...

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2017 Event Results Nov-Dec

Here are the results for AURA-listed events published since the last Ultramag. For more results, including non-AURA events, please visit the AURA results website.   Date Event 10/12/2017 Gold Coast 50 Road Race (50km road) 8/12/2017 Coast to Kosci Ultramarathon (246km trail) 25/11/2017 Alpine Challenge 60 km (60km trail) 25/11/2017 Alpine Challenge 100 Mile (100mi trail) 25/11/2017 Alpine Challenge 100 km (100km trail) 11/11/2017 Feral Pig Ultra 50 mi (50mi trail) 11/11/2017 Feral Pig Ultra 50 km (50km trail) 11/11/2017 Feral Pig Ultra 100 mi (100mi trail)...

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Reap the membership benefits

By Kate Dzienis It’s that time of year again when our AURA memberships are winding down, and we need to start looking ahead to 2018. Sure, some of us don’t even know what we’re doing tomorrow or this coming weekend, but I can guarantee you that most of us already have an idea of what races we’ll be entering, whether they be locally, in another state, or even across the seas in international territory. In this age of social media where we are hyper-connected and can find information almost anywhere from just about anyone, there are still benefits to...

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History – AURA Magazine – Vol 4 No 2 May 1989

In October 2017, the AURA Committee committed some funds towards the digitisation of all AURA publications from our inception in 1984 through to the present. With thanks to Kevin Cassidy and his complete collection, work has begun on this project, with a handful of magazines available on the website here. My goal is to complete all… This content is for AURA members only.Log In...

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